Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Touching Windows 7

Windows 7 team is showing some multitouch features..

Click to see the video

<a href="" target="_new" title="Windows 7 Touch Gestures">Video: Windows 7 Touch Gestures</a>

" With Windows 7 we have enriched the Windows experience with touch, making touch a first-class way to interact with your PC alongside the mouse and keyboard. We focused on common activities and refined them thoughtfully with touch in mind. You will have the freedom of direct interaction, like being able to reach out and slowly scroll a web page then flick quickly to move through it. With new touch optimized applications from creative software developers you will be able to immerse yourself as you explore you photos, browse the globe, or go after bad guys in your favorite games. "

Looking good! Now gimme some multitouch panels!! ... or multitouch UMPC

Engineering Windows 7

Via GottaBeMobile

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Saperalot said...

jkk: Looking good! Now gimme some multitouch panels!! ... or multitouch UMPC

no more words to say, looks realy good for me. this feature and a t91 or t101 must be fun.

Anonymous said...

Will Apple Sue?

Anonymous said...

T91 and T101 don't support multitouch, man!

Anonymous said...

this could help a desktop OS like Windows inside a pocketable device compete with the iPhones/Palm Pre's of the world.

unfortunately as of right now XP/Vista *plus* joysticks/stylus's/scrollbars suck when being truly mobile & needing quick access.

Anonymous said...

UMPC screens are too small to enjoy multi fingers!

Saperalot said...

@7up: i know, thats why i wrote "must be fun"

Anonymous said...

Will we be able to use the single point gestures on existing touch screens like the Aigo 8880 or Viliv S5?

Galileo said...

Yes, you can use gestures, tested on Willcom D4

Anonymous said...

I would love to have multi-touch on-screen keyboard. Look no to need to fold back my hp tx2500 while drawing and taking notes is just awesome in class.

Unknown said...

Is it possible to add a touch screen to the HP Mini netbook, or could it depend on which model?

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