Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet Samsung N310 netbook with 11 hour battery

Updated with pricing and press release.

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Hmm... that design indicates a semi rugged netbook. Screen frame is huge..

Typical specs with Atom and 10 inch screen. 5 hours with standard and 11 hours with extended battery sounds good.

UPDATE: 499 euros and yes, it is semi rugged: Press release at NetbookNews

Via Liliputing



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Saperalot said...

looks ok for me but not the frame and the glossydisplay. i dont understand why they build glossydisplays you cant use them outisde.

Anonymous said...

Excatly what I was thinking. What is the point of glossy screens. I really like the pebble shape though I don't like the great big SAMSUNG logo, battery life is great though. More battery life, more battery life, MORE BATTERY LIFE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How much for the chick

Tim said...

So is this the NC10 replacement?

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