Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gigabyte Touch Note M1028 at CeBit 2009

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... the removable battery is a pro for the gigabyte, but I like the T91 better looking at its size. Man, this is gonna be a hard one....

Anonymous said...

Looks like the build quality is up over the m912.
The hinge especially looks so much better than on previous Gigabyte convertibles.

Lets hope they can transfer the 10" build quality down into the 8.9" convertible too.

Anonymous said...

Any idea if this thing has the high resolution options as with the m912-x? I love the netbook tablet concept, and would actually consider ditching my Latitude XT for something like this, but the SWVGA resolution just isn't enough.

Anonymous said...

NVM WRT my question about screen resolutions. It looks like they're planning on releasing 4 different models -- two with the WSVGA resolution and two with the WXGA resolution:

This might be a winner for me, assuming they're released in the States.

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