Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Asus Eee PC 1002H

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Yep, new Eee PC..

Almost like Eee PC 1002HA but with new Atom 1.66Ghz cpu, "chiclet" keyboard and new colors.

Thanks SlashGear

Eee PC 1002H at

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Anonymous said...

bring on the chiclet keyboards sooooooo much better would happily pay £15 extra. Not only looks so much better but also types better along with this being the start of the eee's with proper key positions (that you mr right shift)

Anonymous said...

I bet if you put OSX on this, you could get some people to believe it was a MacBook Mini, lol. Same keyboard lay out, looking like it has only one mouse button, and it's white. Now you just need a logo! haha

Michiel said...

Can the multitouch mousepad be used with Windows 7? So do you get real gestures/touch without using thirdparty software?

Anonymous said...

i can hardly wait until Windows 7 is released & these stupid restrictions will stop so manufactures can start putting in 11" 1366 x 768 screen, they CLEARLY have enough bezel space to fit 1.

JKK said...

Anon,there is no restrictions about 11" 1366 x 768 screen

MS ulcpc licenses are ok up to 14.1 inches.. Dell has their Mni 12 and Samsung has NC20 .. both 12 inchers with higher ress

Anonymous said...

only just recently

but by now the 10" 1024x600 are in such mass production & dirt cheap to produce that manufactures are unwilling to drop them completely just yet.

Anonymous said...

When is it comming out?

Anonymous said...

>>Dell has their Mni 12 and Samsung has NC20 .. both 12 inchers with higher ress<<

True, but what CPU do they have? Atom 280 or better?
No! They have Z530 CPUs which are slower.

Intel does not allow more than 1024*600 for atom N270/N280 in a desperate attempt to slow down the cannibalization of the notebook market by netbooks.

JKK said...

Gigabyte 912 and HP 2140 have high resolution now too... with N270 Atom...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying to my post, JKK.
But as you said yourself, they offer it "now" (Q2 2009), now that WinNT 7.0 and the intel Z series are going to be the only choices in the next quarter.
Last year, it was sad to see HP lowering the resolution of their netbooks the day they switched from VIA (slow) to Atom (faster).
Without restrictions, N270 netbooks could have offered better resolutions a year ago.
Anyway, I am glad to hear that I will finally be able to buy my first netbook (with N280 and an acceptably useful resolution). So, I will wait for the hi-res version of the asus 1008HA. I guess I will have to pick it up quickly, before intel stops manufacturing "N" series and starts forcing Poulsbo on every netbook.

Unknown said...

Does it still have the brushed aluminium cover?

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