Monday, March 23, 2009

First fully working Pandora on video

Click to see the video

" Here is a quick and much requested video of the white Pandora which was built a few days ago. It is the first fully working, portable, near final unit. Still some things to tweak up which we are not happy with, but we are almost there now.

You can see use of the keyboard, the nubs, the dpad, the action buttons, the LEDs and the touchscreen.

I should point out the final Pandora will be black - this is white so that we can see any stress points on the case (and fix them).

The game is Quake@800*480 via the SGX (solid 60FPS with dynamic lighting), the OS is Linux (Angstrom). We will do a video with Quake3 soon. "

Great to see it working!

I would really like to see how good it will be for web surfing too...

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Anonymous said...

man they have taken their sweet time getting it ready.

now its a matter of software, and that may well be the more interesting part ;)

Anonymous said...

Am I only person who feels that the time this damn platform is released it will be already obsolete, and too late?

They have been hyping this concept since like late '06/ early '07. WTF? How long does it take to get a real prototype. It looks like the shell was 3D printed using ABS plastic.

Anonymous said...

This is the first device you don't need to get your hands on to find out what it has inside. :)

Anonymous said...

svideo out? sweet.

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