Saturday, March 07, 2009

Viliv S5 at CeBit 2009

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Steve should get his on monday

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Anonymous said...

no stylus silo?

does the Silverthorne Atom support hyperthreading?

really loving it so far, the screen resolution & battery life is what put it over the top for me. this is where almost all other pocketables fail.

Anonymous said...

.. no silo. stylus comes with it but it's separate

Yep, it's hyperthreading.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yep ,It's fanless .I think S5 will replace my noisy u810 soon !:)

Anonymous said...

I guess S5 is the 'more mobile' one, but I'm actually interested in X70. I like the idea of wireless keyboard and 7" screen. Do you have any news about that one?
Availability in Europe, price maybe?

Thanks for all the reports from CeBIT, I watch them closely ;)

Anonymous said...

can this thing dock & hookup to an external display/mouse/KB? what is the max resolution supported?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has VGA and video out.. and USB for kb/mouse

I don't know the max res..


Brett said...

S5 is more pocketable than the Vaio P :

although Chippy is not as sexy as the Vaio girls :)

Anonymous said...

Any word on the release date being revised? I know it was the end of March. I am mostly interested in this because of its Video accelerator that can play 1080 mkv files. That is huge for me!

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