Monday, March 30, 2009

Dell Mini 10 netbook 1366 x 768 option for $35

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This is good news for high ress lovers.

Dell has released the 1366 x 768 option and is asking only $35 for the upgrade.

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Anonymous said...

This is good news however the UK store has not been updated :(

Anonymous said...

that resolution is mighty tempting, too bad about the soldered RAM & battery life.

Anonymous said...

i want my 901 with 1280x720

quangdx said...

it's about time more netbooks were upping the resolution above 1024x600
this is why I bought a Fujitsu P1610, nice small 8.9inch screen but 1280x768 resolution.

Anonymous said...

How feasible is it swap out the lcd in a 900, 901?

Kjeld Olesen said...


Any possibility that those or similar screens could be bought separately to modify lowres nettops, i.e. my S10e which has that very annoying vertical resolution of 576 hampering the installation and execution of some software?

Michael said...

Very nice move from Dell. Hope there will be more netbooks with a higher resolution than 1024x600 available soon.

Now there is only a 6-cell battery upgrade missing.

Anonymous said...

There is a 6-cell upgrade

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why the 768p screen option is impossible to select when trying to buy the Ubuntu/N270 version of the Dell Mini 10 ?
The older (slower) version of the Dell Mini 10 was offered with more desktop resolution than the new one.
In fact, the newer Dell Mini 10 model is now sold ONLY with a 1024*576 screen!
Yes, you heard it right: netbook resolutions are going DOWN. Not even the 1024*600 option anymore!

Aiken said...

Dear Anonymous,
The Ubuntu model is defined as mini10v, compared to the mini10 where you get the option to 1366x768, but you loose the Ubuntu option in this model.


Aiken said...

Hi there,
Bad news! Dell priced up the 1366x768 option from 35$ up to 130$ (100€). buff!


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