Wednesday, March 04, 2009

OQO 2+ at CeBit 2009

Click to see the video

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Anonymous said...

So, to be able to control Windows on the touchscreen without the stylus, which isn't supplied with it, you need to have pointed finger nails?

Anonymous said...

This machine is great as the ultimate Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint pesentation remote:

1. Make the presentation on Mac (or Windows) laptop or desktop computer.

2. Save the NATIVE presentation file (no conversions) to the OQO.

3. Carry only the OQO (450 g) to the presentation room, connect it to the videoprojector using the VGA-out port, boot the device as Mac (or Windows), open the Keynote or PowerPoint NATIVE file and there you go!

Mac on the OQO:
Now OQO is the smallest MAC in the World...Instructions Complete on page 9,2430.0.html

Even better would be a 100 g credit card-sized Mac:

DIY OQO,3553.0.html

Anonymous said...

TO ADMINS: this site is not compatible with Safari on Mac OS X. No video. Ni image validation to post comments, etc.

Anonymous said...


We know it, and in a way like it ;)

Anonymous said...

hei, where can i see the oqo at cebit?

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the model 02+

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