Monday, September 01, 2008

Everex CloudBook CE1220J / CE2A1 hits FCC and gets previewed

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8.9" WSXGA (16:10) Color TFT LCD, 1024 x 600
VIA C7 TM -M 1.2 GHz CPU
512MB, 1024MB, and 2048MB
Integrated VIA VX800 graphic engine
1.8” HDD
VGA port
2 x Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0)
LAN port
4-in-1 card slot
ExpressCard slot
Wifi and Bluetooth
4 Cells or 6 Cells Li-ion battery
3.5 ~ 4 Hours (for 4 Cells) or 5.25 ~ 6 Hours (for 6 Cells)
230 (W) x 172 (D) x 31 (H) mm
Approximately 1.022kg (with 1.8” HDD)
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PC Watch preview [ translated ]

FCC docs

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Anonymous said...

Two words: Ugly and Rubbish

Anonymous said...

i would not mind getting my hands on one of those...

Anonymous said...

ugly is right but look at the cooling seems better then some others. i mean asus netbooks

Anonymous said...

looks better than the last version, but why no via nano? or is C7 TM-M the new nano?

Anonymous said...

Very nice cooling setup.
Nice ExpressCard slot.
Same (almost) old sucky chipset.


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