Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ubuntu Mobile on Asus Eee PC 901

Click to see the video

If i only could get touch and wifi to work.. and install it fully..

These are the drivers for touch controller on Eee PCs ( modded ones )

Jump to Ogra’s blog to get the image

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Anonymous said...

very nice! i'll try that my self on my 901 too.

Anonymous said...

This boots nicely on the 1000h but same problem. i'm going to try this on my old tc1100, it would be a fresh new look for an old piece of equipment.

Anonymous said...

A pre-customised version of Ubuntu, which includes the Mobile Remix, specifically done for the EeePC.

Anonymous said...

how is this different from:

They claim everything works too, and they have a neat little interface.


Unknown said...

Ubuntu Mobile supports touch screens.
Ubuntu Remix does not.
Notice the icons in UM are larger to support touch screens.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake, forget about Ubantu and the Eee!!!! Where is the Fujitsu U820 review we are all waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Nice review JKK!

I love how you mix up left and right in the middle. "As I'm left handed, I like to use my left hand fingers" *uses his right hand*. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had xubuntu on the 900, was nice, everything works. But i crashed always when starting Firefox so it was not useable. Maybe later in time.

Anonymous said...

looks like your having a really hard time tinkering with ubuntu mobile on the 901. it is still fully customizable right? i mean, its still linux.

Katzenstreu said...


but where to download?


Katzenstreu said...

I found it, sorry - daily images:

JKK said...

t5hats for smaller devices..

use this:

Anonymous said...

will this boot from a CD if I have XP installed and just set the first boot from the CD drive.

Anonymous said...

I like your video reviews but it is so disappointing that you are so attached to XP and have no experience of Linux.

Anonymous said...

hey jkk i heard about an eee 901 with 3.75G released in october?? is it possible to add touch panel when 3G is integrated or is there less space then before?

Anonymous said...

how can i create a bootable cd from this file? could i convert this to a .iso?


Anonymous said...

The use of the "terminal screen" to type is something to get used to. Of course, that text is exactly what happens behind the scenes (once the scripts with the installs are complete). Some Linux geeks get it done by "terminal screen" where they type or cut and paste the text into the screen (very easy to do once you understand how to use cut and paste). However, for new users, who don't feel comfortable with typing text (I was brought up on DOS and UNIX text typing as well as OS2 text, so batch files and scripts etc are just a way to see what is really going on), the new users who were brought up on WINDOWS click admin tasks, will find the knowing all aspects of the computer is good, but for someone who does not care, and just wants to use a device... well, the Linux folks really can't forget them (as they might love Linux, but a driver or some feature they need to use, they are not going to search lists, or help files, find the code to enter into "terminal session" and sudo it at all.

However, Ubuntu is getting better and better, if not one of the best at this. Of course, at the OEM level, where the machine is built, if Ubuntu is installed, then BOOM it works. It would be interesting if DELL gave jkkmobile a Mini 9 with Touch Screen installed on it and see if he likes a fully operating Ubuntu out of the box on a small device.

The new Ubuntu Mobile that was tested. It will be better for touch and small mobile devices. I would hope that when jkkmobile gets the EVERUN NOTE that we get to see this Ubuntu Mobile tested in a video, AND don't plug in an unknown power charger into it as we do know what happens if you do this already due to the Live session that tried to test Ubuntu Mobile on Everun Note.

What should be interesting is if KDE 4.x (on Kubutu) becomes mature (can't use it now as it is very young) but if it is mature during Spring of 2009 Ubuntu Release, and if it can be made mobile (because the "Plasmoids" would be perfect for a Mobile device because if they individually can be synched with a server or desktop somewhere, meaning "portable plasmoids", well that would be very good - jkk would like that I think.

Anonymous said...

Drivers,check and for driverinstallation procedures for Ubuntu on the Eeepc

Anonymous said...

In grub you need to edit the HD from hd(0,0) to hd(1,0) or hd(0,1) or whatever your HD is.

you can do this by pressing 'e' knob in grub.
then edit the boot parameter,
and press 'b' to boot.

there's a lot you can learn on above posted links of eeeuser.

Later on you need to edit the boot/grub/menu.lst file (which consists the grub text parameters).

In a lot of cases this would help, reason being:
When you boot from USB, linux sees the USB stick as the first hd.
When you later boot from internal hd, Linux sees the internal HD as first disk,no longer the USB stick.
But in linux the internal hd was named 0,1 or 1,0 or sonething.
that's a common issue in Linux. It'slike searching for many hours,andby the timeyou solved the issue, and want to reinstall from an updated image; the updated Linux image will contain different errors...

I guess partly because Linux isn't payed like windows.
But once it's working you can stay fairly safe using it for a few years...

You can also Google on 'ubuntu netbook remix grub error 15' or whatever OS and whatever errorcode you get, to find a solution to it.
Sometimes,when there doesn't seem to appear a solution, you need to register on the Ubuntu webpages and post the bug in the developers section (like a bug-forum)

Flan said...

Well i gave it a try.. i currently installed in a e3pc 701 with no problems at all ( only the erro 15 one ), after all wifi work out of the box and after the update it keeps working... but since i dont have a keyboard ( i modded my e3pc 701 to a tablet pc )its prety hard to actually use the virtual keyboard... whe you get prompt to enter the admin password the background programs are lock and i can not use the vkeyboard... any suggestions? at least to stop promping for admin password??

E said...

Alan, does your EEE have the touchscreen working? If so what driver are you using?

Anonymous said...


hi im trying to boot with this image but the startup it say internal error with eepc 901

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