Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ubuntu Mobile for netbooks and UMPCs

Touch enabled linux for mobile use!!

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" The second image which i’m proud to announce today is the new gnome based ubuntu-mobile image that is targeting the bigger MIDs from 7-9″. This image is a first try and supposed to be the base for a well working touchscreen centric gnome mobile desktop on 1024×600 screens. "

Testing started here too... prepare for videos..

Jump to Ogra’s blog

Thanks Steve

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Charles Edward Pax said...

I'd love to see this on the Gigabyte M912.

Mohammed said...

I love Ubuntu and hope it becomes popular in the netbook area

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone has successfully ported OS X to a netbook?...

Anonymous said...

OS X working on MSI Wind and clones like my Medion Akoya Mini
Works very good and stable

Anonymous said...

I can strongly recommend Ubuntu Eee if you haven't already tried it ( I installed this on my 901 2 days after I got it. It's a customised Ubuntu build for the EeePC and everything just works out of the box (wifi, webcam, multitouch etc - not sure about touchscreen though) and it has the Netbook Remix interface which looks great and works really well on a 9" screen. It can also run happily from an SD card or USB if you want to play around without wiping your current OS.

Anonymous said...

ubuntu sugoi

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