Monday, September 15, 2008

Waiting for Fujitsu U2010 / U820?

If you are, I have something you might like..

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Looking good? Check more pictures from Buyking..

..and prepare for unboxing, live session and videos of it as I'm getting one in few days!

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Details, News and Links for Fujitsu U2010

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Anonymous said...

Looks realy good for me, Carholder included ;-)
I will whatch the livesession probably with a open mouth :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry somethin forgott:
Look at the Volumecontrol it is the good old wheel ;-) i like this

Anonymous said...

this docking station is fine,but the everun note has is too,it coming at 26 Sept

Anonymous said...

costo mucho dollaro.

Anonymous said...

If it shows up in the US/Canada with the GPS and Extended battery for the same price that the U810 did - ~$1000, it will be a pretty good deal.

Anonymous said...

No 3g integrated? Hackable :)

MiKeN said...

Sweet! I've been waiting to hear more information on the U2010.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the gigantic screen bezel...

Looks like a 7" device with a 5.6" screen, with reported resolutions of 1024x600 pix for the touchscreen in such a small screen! Truely amazing!

On engadget they claim Fuj. upboosted the screen res upto 1280x800 for the non-touchscreen.
, which is something I can hardly understand how this can be possible(in a 5,6" screen!)!

I've read before how in the industry companies could get 8" TFT screens with resolutions of 1600x1280;this U820 would almost be like industry build!

So far the specs seem a bit weird...

probably by the looks a batterylife of 2,5hours.

If I'm correc: Atom, 80GB, HDD,

JKK said...

actually.. I broke the FCC news ;)

.. and it's 1280 x 800 with touch.

yep, 1.6 Atom silverthorne...

All specs here:

... and maybe 5 hour batt life with 4 cell batt I'm getting.

Anonymous said...

get rid of the fingerprint reader & put in a 7" screen then you have a winner.

it seems like the majority of peoples complaints on the Everun Note was that it didnt have swivel, well this could fix that. plus they didnt need a high power CPU, this could fix that as well.

Anonymous said...

Still I have not heard of any information about built in G3/UMTS/HSDPA capabilities.
If I'm correct there should be a version of the U810 available with 3G built in, right?
Does anyone know if this will also be the case for the U2010/820? (2 models or will it be built in in the standard model?)

Unknown said...

I have good news for all the people waiting for the u820. A rep from Fujitsu let me know that the u820 will be coming Mid Nov to Canada/US and it will have the GPS unit. I will let u all know more when I find it out :)

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