Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet Sotec DC101 netbook

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10.1 inch 1024 x 600 screen
Intel Atom 1.6Ghz
Wifi and LAN
SD Card / Memory Stick / MMC
USB 2.0 × 3
VGA out
1.3Mpix webcam
265 × 185 × 31mm, 1.2kg
XP Home

About $550 ( 59,800 yen )

Via PC Watch [ translated ]

and PC User


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Anonymous said...

Can this go to 1.8 GHZ like with the Asus Models?

Anonymous said...

JKK, do you know when Asus S101 released ?

Anonymous said...

That hinge is a cross between a 900 and a 901...

Pctrelos said...

It looks like eee, nice product

Anonymous said...

sad, no DVI-out :(

Anonymous said...

hmmm funny device but not for me 10" must have a higher resolution may 1024x768 and not 600. but the others things i think are ok. but loving my 900 ;-)

Anonymous said...

another 3gless netbook, next please

Anonymous said...

That might be the smallest spacebar I've ever seen. English version maybe wouldn't have the extra buttons on the bottom row so the spacebar might not be so miniscule?

I like the hinge, the apparent matte finish and the atom. I do prefer the slightly smaller size you would get with a 9" screen though.

Anonymous said...

man they keep going releasing those same spec over and over again. when will be there something new and exciting.

Anonymous said...

Next month ;)

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