Friday, September 26, 2008

Gigabyte M912 shipping. Future models in works

Netbook with convertible touch screen..

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MobilX has 3 models now in stock and the best news is that the M912M has LED backlight.

Gigabyte was also interviewed by PC Watch where future models were revealed:

10.2 inch touch screen version with bigger keyboard coming at Q1 2009

6 cell batteries for the current models are shipping soon.

Get yours from MobilX

PC watch interview [ translated ]

Details, News and Links for Gigabyte M912

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Anonymous said...

would love to know the weight of a 6-cell battery

Anonymous said...

to bad they dropped the low end with linux.

would have been fun to put that recent ubuntu version on it ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, those sound like some excellent upcoming news bits. a 10.2" could directly take on LG's beloved 10" convertible. and of course 6-cell batteries are always welcome.

this was still a very solid 1st try out of the gates with a whole new concept "netvertible"

Anonymous said...

Will buy it.

Anonymous said...

M912M would be perfect if it have the DVD burner and was a bit smaller and lighter.

Cyber Monday Deals said...
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JKK said...


Anonymous said...

what model is better ? m or x ? is the better screen resolution must have or the smaller resolution is better for such a small screen ? The buttery life will be much better because of the screen in m912m?

Electric Feel said...

Given what I've seen I don't think i'd be interested in this. Too many niggly problems that have been highlighted in the reviews. I actually even posted a summary of the feedback from reviews on Electric Vagabond .com and unless you're pining for Vista and a touchscreen in your netbook then its probably not the best product out there! Nevertheless its better than the endless netbook clones that are popping up from every man and his dog. Like the Packard Bell Dot. er.

Joao Oliveira said...

Hello there,

I got my m912x from today and i'm verry happy with it. the screen is not as bad as people say it is, maybe the tests where done with a test version and the parts were not that good. keyboard is exactly the same as the EEE and weight is more os less about the same as EEE901 and didnt notice much diference. battery life looks ok. with full charged i disabled bluetooth and internal camera and it gave more than 3hous.

More testing soon and i will report my thoughts.

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