Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HP Mini Note to get VIA Nano cpu and other upgrades

Nano netbooks coming in January...

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Sascha is reporting that we will see the first VIA Nano based devices in CES at January..
.. and that one of the first devices is HP Mini note.

As HP has been showing this red netbook ( hope it won't stay red ) and as it should be available in Q1 2009 it all matches nicely.. and as a added bonus, S3 Graphics has just announced their Chrome 400 Ultra Low Power graphics processor.

We have seen S3 on many VIA based devices so there is high possibility that we will see VIA Nano + S3 netbooks pretty soon..

Thanks Sascha

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Anonymous said...

Via Nano and the update S3 400 series ULP, sounds very potential on paper performance wise and the way this possible 10" inch mini-note is looking; it looks very promising and gives any netbook running the Atom processor a run for its money!!!

Electric Feel said...

I'm pretty excited about this upcoming netbook from HP. The red was just a limited run promotion with HP and NY-based fashion designer Vivienne Tam so expect the finished result to look much different. Although I thought the red was kind of cool!

The HP's keyboard is a huge drawcard and 10" screen is likely - VIA Nano would be great and hopefully a half-decent graphics processor to really launch this genre into the next-gen stratosphere.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds great but HP's price tags are not :(

Anonymous said...

And will performance/quality be that different from the already tens to hundreds of mini notebooks out there?

Anonymous said...

Finally the HP will have some grunt to back up its style.

Anonymous said...

but the device will probably be larger for the 10" display & plastic to make it cheaper right?

Anonymous said...

For those that don't know the Nano - here is wikipedia
# Power Management: Besides requiring very low power, many new features are included.

* Includes a new C6 power state (Caches are flushed, internal state saved, and core voltage is turned off).
* Adaptive P-State Control: Transition between performance and voltage states without stopping execution.
* Adaptive Overclocking: Automatic overclocking if there is low temperature in the processor core.
* Adaptive Thermal Limit: Adjusting of the processor to maintain a user predefined temperature."

Anonymous said...

We all know that the Tam Fashion designed one is simply concept. What intrigued me the most about the 10" inch screen is that it didn't look too tall, it was more wide (hopefully 16:9 aspect ratio)

Now the Via Nano CPU alone has the potential on paper, the new S3 ULP 400 series was just announced (hopefully in time to be used) again sounds great on paper but hopefully the heat won't be a problem like the current model.

Anonymous said...

From what I've read on paper in terms of specs, the Via Nano/S3 is more energy efficient and thus should be less heat.

Heat becomes an issue when case designers put looks as the top priority and heat dissipation last.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's VIA Nano/C7 + VX800 + S3 ULP435 reference design board. The HDMI port in the right side approved that.

Anonymous said...

JKK, For clarification is the HP Mini Note 2140 going to receive the Nano or the Atom?

HP site list the Atom for 2140:

Anonymous said...

Second question any one please chime in for new HP Mini Note 2140.

I understand the difference between SSD and platter drives regarding drop protection. Even platter drive with accelerometer protection are not fool proof on a drop.

So the big question would be what drive to choose for value, performance and functionality (yes always trade offs):

The HP offering of 160 GB 7200 rpm SATA Platter
RunCore 128GB SSD 1.8" drive (if is offered with correct connector for the HP 2140?)

At an additional $389 bucks for 128G SSD one might decide to yank the 160 Platter and use it as a stationary backup drive.

Any thoughts?

Would love to see a video of the performance of the RunCore 128G SSD and internals of the 2140 at earliest opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Can HP will be providing also a service on upgrading the 2133 Via C7 processor into Via Nano processor, i hope they provide this service

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