Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Everun Note preview

Lazion has posted nice pics of Raon Digital Everun Note..

Click here to see more

Enjoy the pictures and prepare for coverage as Steve should get it any day now..

Check it out [ translated ]

Via Pocketables

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Anonymous said...

that machine is so awesome looking without a touchpad & palmrest, just "pure" keyboard

hopefully the optical mouse works well.

Anonymous said...

I dont like optical Mouse, i love using Touchpad on Net- or Notebooks.
But the Keyboard Keys look bigger than others.

Anonymous said...

The pictures make it even more frustrating - is it going to be available in black or not?????

Anonymous said...

Can you perform vertical scrolling with that optical mouse thing? I do a lot of scrolling.

Anonymous said...

Its touchscreen too..
Important If your scared of the optical mouse..

Anonymous said...

we have been told, initially it will be in White only. in a month or two it may come out in Black.

Note: English keyboard on all export models (Lazion is showing the Korean keyboard model)


Anonymous said...

Nice design. Actually, a really nice design.

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