Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Surfing with Archos 5

Yep, that PMP can surf too..

Click to see the video

Yep, Charbax is eh.. funny.. but surfing looked ok.. scrolling had some problems or maybe it was just him..

There is a 3G version coming which might be something..

Thanks Charbax

Archos 5

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Anonymous said...

Page loading looks good. Page browsing look pretty jerky, especially if the page is image heavy. It seems slightly faster than my N800 which makes sense since its got a faster ARM processor in it. Doesn't look like any tabbed browsing though, which is a dealbreaker for me. I need to see a solid email application w/ IMAP4 and POP3 support.

On a positive note. Charbax is very funny to watch and listen to.

JKK said...

yep ;) no matter what he is testing it's fun..

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for Linking to it!

It does have tabbed browsing, I can open many tabs on it and it's still smooth and fast.

Sure they could perhaps improve the way it scrolls slightly, it's got a few flash bugs for now for example http://last.fm doesn't work for now (I'd really want that to work). But otherwise most AJAX heavy websites even AJAX version of Gmail, Google Maps, Netvibes, all those seem to work pretty smooth and fast. Sure slightly buggy sometimes but I hope they can quickly improve those things and make AJAX and Flash 100% compatible.

Beyarecords said...

Hey JKK,
This little device looks very good to me!

Any idea when the HSDPA version is going to be made available?

Unknown said...

For anyone that is in the Amsterdam area this weekend, make sure you visit IBC to test this at the Opera stand.

Anonymous said...

The one draw back of the Archos 5 is battery life 12 hours audio and 4 hours video, which is terrible for a PMP.

Anonymous said...

Only 12 hours audio? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

many common pages like engadget actually get preloaded to internet temp space.
When they later make the movie, the device has to download less images,making the page appear faster.

He did it that way..
That explains why engadget is loading faster then ebay...

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