Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smoothcreations Wedge netbook looks as good you want

It was about the time to get custom made netbooks!

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" This beautiful SmoothCreations PC is another work of art. The “Wedge” netbook is a hand painted & custom built mobile solution for those unique souls that want to make a powerful yet subtle statement. Each “Wedge” netbook is hand crafted and custom painted to the customer exact specifications. MSRP is a little over $500 USD "

" The “Wedge” netbook is powered by an Intel Atom CPU at 1.6, with a 120 GB Hard drive, and 1.0 GB of Gskill memory, built in wireless, along with a nice 10 inch display. The CEO of SmoothCreations, Jim Saling, the “Wedge” netbook was designed to be a reliable on-the-go mobile solution for professionals, business people, students and ordinary folks that want a compact yet powerful mobile computer solution. The “Wedge” netbook is reliable, compact and affordable. To the enlightenment of pc users – the “Wedge” netbooks come pre-installed with Windows XP and are also available with Vista. "

Well... we know it's Acer Aspire One and the screen is 8.9 inches... but I really like the idea...

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Anonymous said...

pretty good idea and i think a market too, after a custombike a customnetbook why not ;-)

Anonymous said...

takes away profesionality..
I think the market for this is too small.
It's the same as those ferrarri or Lamborghini SD cards sold in red or yellow.
Probably someone used wrong paint, and they sold them as 'anniversary editions'.

I don't know anyone who would go through the trouble to get the aniversary edition...

Just like this,yet another color to attract folks, all but me..

Anonymous said...

u can do some cool art work by ur selfe... all u need is printer and Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper

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