Monday, September 22, 2008

Setting up Fujitsu U2010 / U820 / U/B50N UMPC

1280 X 800 on 5.6 inch screen needs some work...

Click to see the video

That's a screen shot of my browser settings.

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Anonymous said...

man that thing is tiny... jkk, I know the screen is not multi-touch, but is it possible to make gestures so you can zoom in webpages.

Anonymous said...

Hey JKK,this is what you need !

shaice said...

I love this little tiny bastard!
I am waiting your complete review 'cause I am a student and it is not properly cheap...(almost to buy it here in italy)..

Thank you for sharing your settings and give us this mini review..

Alway great work jkk!

Thank you very much!



Anonymous said...

Nice Video and i am impressed about that device. I think this should have the EEE´s because it is more easy learn easy work easy play then the asus series. i will take an eye beside this. Thanks jkk for that work hope to see more of that device.

JKK said...

Thanks Anonymous, Close Button 0.3.7 worked just like I wanted!

anooosy, yep gestures are possible but clicking a button is just so much easier..

Anonymous said...

Fujitsu bakal segera meluncurkan seri terbarunya, khusus kawula muda. Baca artikel selengkapnya di:

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, what about 3.5G, Wi-Fi and GPS?

According japanese internet store we have:

Anyone may order device with 3g _OR_ with Wi-Fi. This means that there is only one place to install 3g OR Wi-Fi. Isn't it? It is difficult to change these adapters by user?

Also, WHERE is promised GPS? :) Maybe GPS also is placed instead Wi-Fi and 3g? :)

Good article Jkk!

Anonymous said...

To voland:
build in WWAN (3.5G / HSDPA) models are Locked to NTT in Japan, and can not be unlocked or used outside Japan

to Jkk:
do you know a CF card HSDPA modem? Cause i think about using the U2010 for outdoor live video streaming but have no modding knowledge and will not jeopardise the warranty :-)
And have you any expirience about battery performance?

Regards from Cologne


Anonymous said...

hello i reinstall all the system on u2010 but he wont recognize the mapping of the keyboard..? how i do?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to upgrade the ram in u2010??

JKK said...

sorry, but ram is not upgradable.. it is soldered

Anonymous said...

I just received my U2010 and began to set it up like you did including adding Firefox. But I can't figure out how to:
1) Change (reverse) the up/down keys
2) Change the zoom button to function like you have it in Firefox (zoom in/out). When I push it a magnified window opens.

Thank you and great job on your set-up and review.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the above post (posted at 10:12 PM)...
I spent some time and found where I can set the button functions. Just awesome. Thank you for sharing the ideal set-up.

And I can't believe how totally useless the keyboard light is.

Anonymous said...

Guys, I,ve installed FREE RAM XP PRO software and it shows considerable performance in managing (freeing) the 1GB ram...can I use a USB as additional RAM somehow??

Anonymous said...

If you pop the little purple covers out of the u820 for the keyboard lights, it makes light up the whole keyboard. Why didn't they install clear ones..?

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