Monday, September 01, 2008

Everun Note on it's way to Steve.. pricing up now.

Yep, it's coming soon!

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Price is now set to $879 and weight to 748g...

It's soon at Steve's hands and the fun will start.

Btw. Raon, I hope there is a black version too? Right?

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Anonymous said...

heh, you hope to get your hands on one as well, jkk? ;)

JKK said...


but i just noticed that 900A is at post office.. so here tomorrow.. it will keep me busy for a while..

Anonymous said...

You've got to load up Company of Heroes on it and tell me it it's any good, then I can go to LANs with just me and my pocket.


Anonymous said...

Looks nice, but:
- Is the webcam on this designed to look up nostrils?
- Does that optical mouse thingy actually work?

Anonymous said...

wow, another umpc I had added up to 10 vendors going into the UMPC market. So far the ideal UMPC netbook has not come along the way yet.

Anonymous said...

too expensive... waiting ideapad s10 with 6 cells bat

Anonymous said...

PDF brochure here:

should be available to ship from approx Setp 19th 2008

Anonymous said...

Nice, but the placement of the cam is retarded, and where is the built-in-mic located?

Anonymous said...

It looks pretty... o.0

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