Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fujitsu U2010 / U820 / U/B50N in da house

Unboxed, video uploading.. Going live tonight at 20:00 CET

Thanks Conics, loving it!

Details, News and Links for Fujitsu U2010 / U820 / U/B50N

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Anonymous said...

You Lucky Bastard ! :P

Anonymous said...

oh livesession tonight, now i knwo what i do this evening. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jkk

Can you post up some results from transferring data from a compact flash card inside the built in slot. That was the main downfall on the U810, with speeds of like 1mb/s because of 10 year old technology! I want to see if Fujitsu have updated that.....

many thanks!

shaice said...

I am waiting your review to buy it. It is not so cheap, but it seems amazing.

I want the tokidoki version as you have - it's sooo japanese!

Great work Jkk!


Kal_El_7 said...

wonder how's the battery life like?

Anonymous said...

did he take the ssd version?

Anonymous said...

I hate the tokidoki!
Rather plain black.
Unfortunately the remaining colors are all covers.. I wished I could get the device in Silver looks (maybe Aluminium?)

Anonymous said...

Oh! The Tokidoki version looks ***SUPER KAWAII***

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