Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How-to: Internal 3G HSDPA on Asus Eee PC 901

3G HSDPA enabled Eee PC 901...

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As you may know, Eee PC 901 has empty places for 3G and SIM cards..

..and the connectors are missing too. ( they save 20 cents... )

So we have to first solder the Mini PCI-E connector...

.. and raisers to secure the 3G card.

3G card secured..

But to use it we need to solder the SIM card holder too... ( if you plan adding a EVDO card you don't need the SIM holder )

As the SIM card holder is inside the Eee, you need to cut a hole for it..

Then short these 2 pins to power the 3G card..

..and these to enable USB lines to card ( we just shorted, you might want to use 27ohm resistors )

Last thing is to find antenna for it or just use one of it's wifi antennas. Packer is using a spare antenna from a phone where i just plugged wifi cable on it..

Surf is up!

Depending the card you have, you may also have to make a switch for it to shut it down when you don't need it.. Cards like SierraWireless 3G card supports turning it off from software, but some other cards doesn't.

Soldering these connectors is not a easy task so I'd say this is not for everyone... If you need to do it but can't, try your friends or local electronics shops.. nope, not me..

If you need the parts, follow this topic.

Thanks Packer for the detailed pictures, it was pleasure to work with you!

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Dr Cool said...

Thanks !! This is so great customization ^_^

If I understood correctly, you'd need to add 3 resistors ? (to do it by the book..)

But my real question is : How the heck to you find out which pins to short ???

Anonymous said...

Omatek X10 netbook

Anonymous said...

could u connect another ssd to the mini pcie connector?

Anonymous said...

Are the existing internal WiFi antennas good enough for general-purpose HSDPA reception? Or, if better to buy a separate antenna, any recommendations? Cheers.

Anonymous said...

How about adding a 3G card to the SSD slot instead of the SSD...???
Like this one:

JKK said...

3G card will not work on SSD slot.. or on wifi slot.

Anonymous said...

does the eee 1000h have one of theses slots?

JKK said...

yes, this should work on 1000h too..

Anonymous said...

you dont happen to have an additional pic of the installed antenna?
can you put it in the lid? like top end behind the display?

Anonymous said...

I installed the antenna in the upper right part of the lid (on top of the wifi antenna).

Anonymous said...

I can manage to find the HSPDA Card on ebay but where to get the Connector and the sim holder from ???? Plzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your videos on the Asus eee pc 901. I'm waiting for mine to arrive and am spending the waiting time figuring out who to replace the 1G RAM with a 2G RAM that I ordered along with the 901.

Anonymous said...

There is some 3G+ Mini PCIe card with embedded sim holder


Anonymous said...

cloistervoices said...
Thanks very much for your videos on the Asus eee pc 901. I'm waiting for mine to arrive and am spending the waiting time figuring out who to replace the 1G RAM with a 2G RAM that I ordered along with the 901.

It's dead simple:

1) Remove power and battery
2) place the machine up-side-down
3) remove 2 screws holding the lid
4) open lid
5) remove installed memory module
6) snap new memory module in place
7) close lid
8) screw back the screws
9) turn the machine right-side-up again
10) connect battery and power
11) turn on the machine
12) enter BIOS to verify your new RAM installation.

Anonymous said...

rsonline will sell you the SIM and pcie connectors, thats where I bought mine, maybe not the cheepest way to get them, but only place I found where you could just buy online.

I'm trying to source a mini pcie card that supports hsupa, does anybody know of a usb modem or similar that contains a seirra wireless MC8785V looks like the perfect module for my needs, can't find one anywhere tho.

anybody know if the option GlobeSurfer ICON HSUPA contains a pcie card, it's very easily available at options online store.

only card I've currently found easily available with HSUPA is MC8780/MC8781 from 880U/881U

Anonymous said...

Why dont use the mobile with bluetooth to connect 3G / UMTS / HSDPA . Is more usefull.

Anonymous said...

If you know of a mobile phone with worldwide hsdpa/hsupa that gives more than about an hours battery life with constant live data and bluetooth connection.

I'm expecting min 4 hours on 901

Sean said...

Microred, the problem with bluetooth is that it's just too slow. When you've got a 3G modem that can deliver some decent speed, it seems a shame to cripple it to the maximum speed bluetooth can deliver.

I purchashed my 901 a few months ago and had been using bluetooth from my mobile to get Internet access on the go, today, I bit the bullet and purchased a USB 3G modem and it's soo much faster - it's fantastic.

I'm reading JKK's blog looking for hints on how I can mod the 901 to get the USB 3G stick inside the case - that would be the ultimate win :)

England said...

Jkk, I do not know how you have the guts to do these mods. I can't wait till I can start making some real $$$ and be a little more confident in modding. Your a true inspiration. Fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

Does the US 1000H voltage converts when used in Asia (Hong Kong).Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Indeed the Bluetooth to cellphone solution is too slow. I get about 1 mbit max on my 901.

Compared to USB-cable where i can push it to about 3 mbit on the same phone/network

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Is it possible someone explain how this all 3g setup would work on a 1000h??? or it is just better to use a 3g usb???

JKK said...

it works on 1000h exatly the same way.

Anonymous said...

Could the slot be used for a standard a/b/g/(n) network card as well? I need to get a 2nd network card in my 901 and this seems to be the place for it. Please confirm.

Anonymous said...

Would a SSD card work in this on a 1000H?

Anonymous said...

Hello JKK,

I have seen your video about internal HSDPA in a Eee 900. Do you have any instructions on that, too?

Greetings from Germany,

PS: Great videos!!!!

Anonymous said...

so i would just take the sim card out of my phone and put it in here?

Anonymous said...

what about a combo card with 3g/gps modul . is that the ultimate solution for the eee 901 ?
i know that those cards exists

Anonymous said...

HALLO! I'd like to know if it is possible to fix a touch screen on a eeepc 901 GO. I wonder if there is enoght room inside the eeepc to put the controller of the touch sreen, because this version has the 3G modm already inside. I saw in the video, that Mr Jkk put that controller esactly in the room in with my eeepc9000 GO has the 3g modem. May i fix it somwhere else???
TY to anyone will answer...

Anonymous said...

would this also work on an eee pc 900ha?

pier luca said...


Unknown said...

JKK! Love your work!
In this mod you state "we first have to solder the PCI connector" since it was not factory installed... My question, can I solder in the ZIF socket that my 901 does not have?


Anonymous said...


I want to add the miniPCIe connector to where it was left out in the area marked "3GCARD" on my 1000HE.

I'm a bit concerned that the pads that you showed that I have to short are not the same as the 901. Been following a thread by "dementho" at eeeUser forum and he still can't power up his miniPCIe connector.

Have you had any further findings about the pinouts on the 1000HE?

Great website!

Anonymous said...

@jkk, same to me. The power-pins near the card-reader are not there on the 1000H board. The usb-lines are in the same place. Do you know how to power on the 3G-Card on 1000H?

Love your site!

Unknown said...

Hi all! I'v had my eeepc901 for well over a year now and I love it.As I have the early model with the ZIF connector I tried that mod for ZIF drive,but sadly it was not reconised in the BIOS. I tried every combo possible but no joy.

I have followed comments this JKK site and got some great ideas on how to get the perfect set-up for my 901 = I got 2GB of Ram of which 512MB is used as a vertual HHD for cache and tempfiles .=thanx to all who post.

I'v found it amazing how vesatile and power the 901 is for a "NETBOOK". I'v even got a very cheap tv dongle and 901 is faultless,with 16GB HSD card £18 and very small 160 HDD £60 its all I need.

Except for this subject,but living in London I got a 3 network Skype 2 mobile £40 plus £10 credit and it's a brilliant work around as all the drivers and software are on the mobile(so I'v used it on a few laptops too also with my HP 2490 PDA using BT).

The reason I say all this is the advantage of using the mobile is you can move it around and place it where you get the best signal. I have friends who use a dongle on the same network with different models of the 3 dongle who have found it difficult getting the bars up for a stronger and faster connection as me.

For a cheapo mobile it is fantasic with a PAG 3 tarriff....check it out if you don't know. The only thing negative is the battery life.

Goodluck with all the modin, I know it can be a pain to carry lots of stuff with you on the road but the eee901 is so small and light anyway = it's great to have options and be versatile.

Steven said...

Love to try this, but...
1) Can I use a USB 3G Dongle instead of HSDPA on the mini PCI-E. Wouldn't that be easier? (less soldering?)
2) Can you use that USB connector with the SSD still installed?
3) How do you turn it off? (it needs an enable/disable button in the EEEPC tray utility to save power like with WLAN, BT and webcam)

David Sallge said...

Hi! I would like to try this also, but I only have a USB HSPA modem. Would it be possible to use also?
And what if I connect the USB modem direktly on the connectors that must be shortended?
Also a good question: would I be able to use the mini PCIe connector without the USB (which are in use for HSPA) for a third SSD?

Anonymous said...

Love the site and all the info!

I was interested in the extra mini pci-e slot for a second ssd. would it be possible to use the second mini pci-e slot for that purpose?

Anonymous said...

I having a bit of trouble getting the 3G card to work, I chose to go with the sierra wireless MC8781 HSUPA card and i couldn't find any software to make it actually connect? Any pointers? Much appreciated! Thanks

Unknown said...

I got ahead and tried to mount a NOKIA 3G usb modem inside my 900A. I didn't want to use any of the awailable usb ports, so I soldered the USB connectors to the spare camera input on the motherboard. Everything vent fine when soldering and modding the 3g modem to fit inside the eee pc case but my crunchbang just doesn't find the damn modem. I suppose the camera input is not supported since there is no camera in 900A. Why the hell did they put the input plug in to the motherboard then? How could I possibly make it work or do I just have to spend one of those USB slots to make it work. The main purpose for this mod is to make the 3G modem inside so I don't wreck it while out and about. Please JKK help would be appreciated. Terveisin, Matti Suomesta. ;)

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