Friday, October 10, 2008

Everun Note series updated with SSD and new CPU

That didn't take long..

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Steve is reporting that Raon Digital is updating their Everun Note series with 2 new versions:

S16S with Sempron 1.2Ghz CPU
Ubuntu Mobile

D24S with Dual-Core Turion
24BG SSD (splitted to 8GB SLC and 16GB MLC flash )
Windows XP Home

Sempron version should sell around $659...

Thanks Steve

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Anonymous said...

When i read mlc i get nervos why in the hole world those slow ssd in such a device?

Anonymous said...

Still no built-in 3G version :(!!
JKK is it possible to show us an easy way to install 3G without opening the case to install the antenna, because i down want to lose the warranty!
Perhaps the wlan antenna is also useable for 3G! I need both connections: wlan AND 3G!

Any easy to perform ideas, JKK??
I hope that u can make an how-2-video for us soon!! :) THX

Anonymous said...

Mid says (so that is only 3 or so weeks away)? So, no need to change too much on the tech side, as they just made a small processor change, SSD, and Linux (for cheaper price that I am going to like). We will have to see how the battery does with these changes?

Anonymous said...

Hope a black version is coming soon? :( I really can't stand the white color one :(

Anonymous said...

Will you get one to test?

Anonymous said...

Why not ? an HDD SATA II that we could replace with real SSD and not an MLC

no 3G Card and GPS

Anonymous said...

depends,a MLC drive with a 45MB write can't be slow,even if it does lots of random writes,it'll still not be worse than a HD.
However, most MLC drives don't even reach 45MB/s write.

I would even prefer a mini notebook without RAM and SSD.
Much cheaper. A BIG battery,and I'll buy the SSD and upgrade it with preferably 2x1GB of RAM

Anonymous said...

Off topic - but Jkk is into mods so he might find this interesting? On Groklaw there is a post with Link about both over-clocking and under-clocking (the processor is the combined CPU/GPU called a 'Geode LX-700' -that is in the OLPC XO-1 that the Author is getting 13 hours of use out of! And has been playing with over-clocking on it. So - with the Everun Note... being also an AMD machine, the education might be interesting for maybe milking a bit more battery life out of the Everun Note (by under-clocking the Everun Note AMD system)?

XO-1 over & under clocking (links)

Anonymous said...

Such a pity that we have to keep plugging in 3G dongles. When will manufacturers realise that internal 3G will get them more sales...

Also, when I try to submit a comment, this site first says "Your request could not be processed. Please try again." - does anyone else have to try twice every time before it's processed?

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the Everun Note with an Atom 1.6 GHz (or equivalent AMD Processor),1GB RAM and small HDD for about 250-300€.

Anonymous said...

Wow,just found out there is the Raon Digital Everun Note S16S.Totally missed the news about that one it seems.Cant wait to get informations about price and SSD speed,still prefer HDD though.

Anonymous said...

HAHA me again,lack of sleep is all I can say.


Anonymous said...

On this part:
D24S with Dual-Core Turion
24BG SSD (splitted to 8GB SLC and 16GB MLC flash )

Im just about to buy an everun Note. I'm looking on conics with 30Gig Mitron 100/100SSD instead of the harddrive.
However. On this new version the key to me would be how its configured.
I gather the slot for 3G is still open since Rayon previosly claimed you cannot add an SSD on that slot.
so the two split SLCs and MLCs should be in the same space as the HD in current Note. ?
Any official word on this?

Anonymous said...

Johannes ,

good news, the 16GB and 24GB SSD versions will still leave the PCI-e mini slot open, as they are a HDD replacement, so 3G will be possible in both these new versions too.

We are also looking into other alternative SSD for use with the Everun Note (HDD replacement options too).

However, the other SSD speeds will not be as good as the blazing fast Mitron (yet), I recommend this if you want best performance right now.


Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for a quick reply there!

"We are also looking into other alternative SSD for use with the Everun Note (HDD replacement options too)." Very interesting
( naturally i check this site once every 2 hours cause of the upcomming Note review. )

Anonymous said...

review coming?

JKK said...

yep, review coming..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I would like to see the Everun Note with an Atom 1.6 GHz (or equivalent AMD Processor),1GB RAM and small HDD for about 250-300€."

What a quack. Do you realize how much you're throwing away DOWNGRADING to a crap atom cpu??!!


1.2GHZ ULV Turion vs 1.6GHZ ATOM

*64-bit support
*Fast System Bus --this is pretty important
*Real Modern CPU with SPEED to prove it
*Supports real hardware accelerated graphics. All atom systems have used a proprietary Intel chipset with worthless onboard Intel graphics.
*Ram support 4GB and beyond --too bad the everun note has only 1GB soldered to the board AND NO DIMM SLOTS FOR MORE!!!

-single core
-clock speed exaggerates real performance
-32-bit architecture is VERY OUTDATED --this may be the last 32 bit CPU architecture for Intel outside of SOC devices
-All devices with Atom CPUs have two or fewer slots for RAM due to 32bit memory limitations
-Intel graphics mandatory on most if not all systems
One reason I will never stoop to buying anything that uses it
-VERY SLOW system bus
-System bottleneck

As of 11/30/08 300 € = 386.43 U.S. dollars and I bought my everun note from mobilx when it still sold for $630 (it's gone up almost $200 since). For $243 buck more than your proposed I got a system more than twice as fast as the system you were asking for.

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