Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aigo updating their MID.. adding Windows 7 too

It would be UMPC then... right?

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It would mean more storage and faster cpu/more ram at least...

My 2 cents:

Keep the current shape/form
Make it just a bit bigger to accept 20Whr battery
Update the screen to 1024 x 600

Pretty please!

Via GottaBeMobile

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Anonymous said...

a cheap alternative to the OQO would be NICE!!

a handheld device like these could never be my primary PC & the OQO is just to expensive as a secondary PC. so this would fit the bill perfectly, cheap handheld secondary PC.

Anonymous said...

It needs a bigger battery especially if they will demand more from the CPU.

Joao Oliveira said...

Like jkk said the only thing this device needs to keep the same form factor and have more storage and bigger screen resolution.

I've putted getting a MID device on hold. There are so many options coming out that it's stupid to get anything at this point.

Cant wait to have more information on windows 7 netbook version....I'm sure that, if this information is true, that will be version they will be putting on the future Aigo.


Davide said...

This would be *the* MID for me!
1.6GHz CPU
Can't wait...

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