Thursday, January 15, 2009

HP Mini 2150 coming with 3G. Bigger ones to follow

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HP will update their Mini 2140 with 3G in June. The new model will be called 2150.

2150 is targeted for enterprise markets.

Digitimes is also reporting that:

" HP will launch a new 11.6-inch notebook in the second quarter and a 13.3-inch low-cost model in June. Both will be part of the Mini-note family and will possibly use Intel's Atom Zxx series processors (Menlow). "


.. netbook sizes are definitely growing. I hope some of them will be still kept as small as possible for mobility.

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Anonymous said...

a 13.3" part of the "Mini-note" family?

sounds odd

HomaNova said...

Блин, идею субноутов с каждым днём извращается. 11 дюймов... 13 дюймов. 10 дюймов - край. Больше не нужно. Лучше бы увеличивали разрешение дисплеев, а не их размеры.

StudentRN said...

It does seams a bit odd as HP already makes 12.1 inch notebook (tablets) The screen does not really need to be any bigger, as they are trying with the 11.6 inch. The higher Res. screen will be welcome, that's for sure. I wonder what other enhancements could be seen with the larger screen though? Could they make the device thinner because its more spread out? Add a larger battery to accommodate the larger screen, and thus the the aggressive power drain? Maybe even a built in dvd drive? But then would it really be a mini-note? if it's big enough to have a dvd drive, I want one, but I'll sacrifice the dvd drive for portability, or room for a larger battery. Another great Idea would be to include a removable dvd drive and be able to swap it out for a second internal battery like you can do on there Biss. Class Tablets.

Anonymous said...

По-моему, это очень неплохо, что делают модели с большим экраном, тем более, что 11 дюймов вполне можно вписать в размер 10-дюймовых нетбуков за счет уменьшения рамки, а за исключением габаритов они получаются не хуже, а для настольной работы больше подходят. Старые-то никуда не денутся.

As for me dvd-drive is almost useless in subnote. Of course almost isn't at all... But IMHO actually compact disk is not promising data storage anymore.

Anonymous said...

Intel said mid´s and Atom´s are toys (or similar)?
Yes, right.... hahahahahaha.
Kola and HomaNova, could yuo use roman caracters?

Anonymous said... says the 2150 WILL be 10.1"
and THEN later will come 11" and 13" models.

Rustam Bunyadov said...

I hope 3g card will be quad band GPRS/EDGE and 3 band UMTS and not operator locked?

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