Thursday, January 08, 2009

OQO 2+ hands-on video.

Click to see the video

Hat tip to GottaBeMobile!

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DTrain said...

Drooling......looks gooood.

Cinzano said...

Does the oled screens work in direct sunlight?

Anonymous said...

Cinzano: Excellent question regarding the OLEDisplay. From prior experience with OLEDisplays, most will suck in direct sunlight. But if the screen has a great max brightness setting, it isn't that bad at 70-80+% (The Samsung YP-P2 doesn't have any brightness specs, so I can't give any numbers here).

Looks like an excellent device, but I'm not sure if I can cough up $999+ for it. I still have my N810 (wah no x86--no atom--qq)...

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