Friday, January 30, 2009

ClarionMinD Overview video

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Hmm.. that navigation integration with Google looks really good..

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Anonymous said...

Off topic: Let us celebrate some "Product Freeze" news.

http:// (close this up)

Now, because of this... just imagine where portable computing will be by CES of next year (or sooner as mass production of these screens, and the tech that goes with them... will a reality by this summer).

AND... then, just imagine, if yesterday, that Intel started promoting this "new 5 fold increase in battery life tech" to their OEM vendors in an aggressive way. Or if they don't? In fact, Intel will have to be doing this agressive promotion in order to beat the lower powered ARM based devices at the battery power race (if ARM is over 20 hours by CES or earlier, and Intel is not... then, that will mean big market share for the ARM crowd, and very quickly too).

Any device, if over 20 hours per charge, will attract buyers and press buzz very very quickly! Like Bees to Honey...!

Intel (kinda in an ASAP mode) will have to get their OEMs with this tech at the starting gate at the same time as the ARM folks. If they do, then it will be an even race, as who then will even care if there is an ARM or Intel based CPU inside...? If they don't? Well, it might just give the ARM folks a push that will propel them in ways that Intel might not benefit from (maybe)?

20 hours of mobile use of any device, per charge, is a long long time. Everything else is relative.

Let the race begin.

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