Monday, January 19, 2009

TachCrunch CrunchPad tablet in action

Click here to see the video


12 inch 1024 x 768 touch screen
VIA Nano
4 GB flash drive
1 x USB
VGA out
4 cell battery ( 2 hours )
317mm x 246mm x 33mm, 1360g

Target price $299 ( up from earlier $200 )

" The software: currently we’re running a full install of Ubuntu Linux on the prototype with a custom Webkit browser. A lot of the work done to date has been on the drivers and the virtual keyboard, which you can see in the videos. The software has been created by Singapore-based Fusion Garage, who continue to work with Louis on the feature set and user experience. "

Is it really as "cool" as it was said to be??

I have to say i'd rather get Amteks T10L if i wanted a cheap tablet... or one of the new convertible Eee PCs..

TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype B

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Anonymous said...

This "thing" looks like a kitchen chopboard......

Anonymous said...

i would love to see the specs, i mean like real specs.
Does it really have the Nano? I mean Arrington is kinda mixing up CPUs easily, when i remember his netbook article

Anonymous said...

i prefer jkk's eee 900 with touch screen.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that a prototype was created by Arrington's call for a webpad and the progress so far is quite nice.

I couldn't hear a word that the person hold the pad (Bruce?) said about the device, so that was pretty bad..

Would be nice to get some more details of the software..

Anonymous said...

Hi, my feeling about this tablet is :
Concerning HW :
it's a great challenge to design a sub $300 (Bill of Material) SlatePC. I ordered a T10L sample from Amtek for $800 (without customs taxes). I spoke with Amtek's CEO at CES, he doesn't intend to lower the price as SlatePC is still a niche market. Touch screen quality is below massmarket acceptance level (seems the CrunchPad is of the same low quality). I personnaly prefer M912 touchscreen.
IMHO HW is not an issue : Asus can design SlatePC very easily and ship it for less than $300 including VTA. Techcrunch is just bootstrapping the easy to handle SlatePC concept.

Concerning SW :
nice challenge is having embedded a Webkit (apparently very responsive browser showed in the video). (Personnaly i used Firefox, with add-on possibilities : that's what i needed to design my big iPhone-like GUI i showed to Sascha).

Anonymous said...

here's a video :
hope you enjoy it

Anonymous said...

This thing looks like a fan mod.

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