Sunday, January 18, 2009

10 inch Acer Aspire One 103 gets pictured

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Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz N280/N270
1GB Ram (1 slot)
Screen 10.1 "
Hard Drive 160 Gb
3G (Optional)
Multitouch touchpad
SDHC card reader (no second expansion slot)
3x USB 3x USB

Looks ok to me.. Great to see that upgrading is now made easier as the bottom has doors for RAM, HDD, etc.

Thanks Antharius

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Anonymous said...

that guy sure was right when he said they were all going to be 10" eventually. after Asus announced they would be canceling the 900 series & Acer doing this i believe it.

just think, now with all these 12" & 13" "netbooks" coming out someday the 10" will be the "small" versions

Anonymous said...

I hope not; I love the 9" ones.

Anonymous said...

This Acer combines functionallity, style and performance.
Look really good (inside and outside).
Bottom door are a excellent solution.

Anonymous said...

Anything over 10" is sub notebook and not a netbook, simple as!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see some sales data comparing 9" and 10" models that are otherwise equal. Hopefully we 9" users will still get our preferred size models too...

Anonymous said...

But will it run OSX?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I know that you're more into this netbook market, so I have a question for you :)

N280 <- does this one comes with the new GPU, GN40?

When should the first netbooks with this chipset be available?

I wanted to buy a netbook now, but then I saw all these news, and specially that video with GN40 playing CoD 4 =)

So, please some info; 1 month, half a year, 2010, ... ??


Anonymous said...

It looks big !!!!!
I'd go with HP Mini 1000/Compaq Mini 700 just for the compactness...

Frank said...

netbook with 10" more is not a netbook anymore just a small tiny laptop.

Anonymous said...

Is there a price to go with this new netbook from acer? I'm looking to buy a netbook from acer, don't want to make a quick descision if this new one is comming in feb.

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