Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pixcir demos their multitouch solutions for netbooks

Click to see the video

Cool? If not, how about if I tell you I'm getting one and putting it to my Eee PC?

Jump to Pixcir [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

That is very cool!
On which Eeepc are you going to try it?

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in how they got iPhone OS on the EEE PC.

Anonymous said...

any word on pricing??? i just put a touch screen on my 901 and im gonna regret it if this is less than 100 usd....

Unknown said...

Looks cool, will these be coming as kits or just a panel? Seeing as they are saying it is for netbooks I am guessing its a kit. I'd also be interested in the pricing if you have heard anything about it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know more too. Will they make 10 inch ones?

Also does anyone make touch panels for laptops?
13.3 inch Sony in my case.

PS Jkk can you fix the Captcha for comments, doesn't display any picture under Ubuntu.

Anonymous said...

Could something like this become available as a (usb-)kit, or is it produced fixed to a display?

I would love to keep my M912X 1280x768 resolution but replace the touchpanel with a multitouch-capable one..

I've successfully replayed your 3G-mod on this M912X btw., thanks a lot for your helpful hints, also helped me a great deal with integrating my 3g-antenna into the display.

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