Wednesday, January 07, 2009

OQO model 2+ not available soon.. Shipping at 22nd May


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OQO 2+ is up at Dynamism and it looks like it's not shipping soon:

" Shipment expected May 22nd "

And on on it says " Estimated ship: May 2009 "

2 * uuuh


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Anonymous said...

Listen…, I’m very disappointed in these guys (OQO Engineers) for not including any camera device of any sort….!!!! Please ask them what their problem is with listening to the purchasing public. I really wish that Sony still had the UX UMPC’s with an improved keyboard that had closer functionality to the OQO’s keyboard. Apart from the terrible keyboard it was the most complete of all the UMPCs.

Please ask them whether or not they intend to complete the features of this device (OQO 2+) or should I look elsewhere for my everywhere anytime computing hardware? There are other options in the market that are far more complete and I was holding off in purchasing them in hopes of OQO coming through with something really innovative and complete.

Yes OLED is really awesome and all but the screen appears to bezeled and not smooth and flush like the 02. The whole thing is not any thinner and the battery life doesn’t appear to have been improved much. There is SD slot or such for memory expansion.

I was hoping to turn this on in the morning hibernate or standby through lunch and maybe recharge in the docking station in the afternoon while doing some heavy typing in desktop mode. All the time using the standard battery.

If I need to do an instant conference call with another colleague possibly using M$ OCS for a web conference I could just smile and my feature complete OQO obliges me without issue.(Webcam) For $1500+ I should not be reaching for any additional hardware to do what I have to do. No excuses….!!!!

Why should I have to reach for another device for any reason throughout the day. If I own a OQO I supposed to have it all. Tell OQO to please just shoe horn in a webcam like everyone else for goodness sake..!!! Try the upper right-hand corner utilizing the same webcam as the HTC TyTN II cell phone. I’m certain that can fit…!!!

Come on folk, what’s up…!!!!????!!!!

Anonymous said...

thats ok...i have 5 months to save up money and to sell off my old computers and phones.

Anonymous said...

One thing I don't understand about people shopping for mobile devices:

If "there are other options in the market that are far more complete", and OQO has not come through, then why bother complaining? Why not just buy the device that does what you want rather than complain about how some device doesn't?

For the record, I think improving from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours on the standard battery, or 5 hours to 7 hours on the extended battery is a huge improvement. I guess "battery life doesn’t appear to have been improved much" is in the eye of the beholder.

I'm sorry that you think this meatloaf is a terrible cherry pie. However, it seems like you have your option of cherry pies. Why not buy a cherry pie and be happy rather than complaining that the meatloaf makes an awful dessert?

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