Friday, January 02, 2009

Intel Atom only for small laptops, netbooks? Nope

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M.D.Tech MDT-T130:
Processors: Intel Atom-N270 1600MHz
Operation system:Support Windows® XP/VISTA/LINUX/OSX
Memory:DDR2 1G
Storage Device:120G
LCD Size:13.3"LED LCD 1280*800
LAN: Realtek RTL8211/8212,10M/100M
WIFI: VT6656/100Mb/c/CDMA802.11a/b/g
Chipset: Intel 945GSE
Keyboard:U.S 82 key with embedded numeric keypad
Mouse&Touch pad:Touch pad, External USB Mouse
USB 2.0: 3*USB2.0 port
SD Card Compatible:SD/MS/MMC Card Reader
Build-in Camera:1.3M
Sound effect:In focus Audio,Build-in stereo speaker,Build-in Microphone
Last time:6 HRS

There has been some speculation about Intel restricting Atom cpu to be used only on netbooks with 10.2 inch screes or less...

.. well as you can see from these pictures, 13.3 inch "netbooks" allready exist. MDT is also making 12 inch ones. I have seen some even with 14.1 inch screens...

Same goes vith VIA. There are plenty of those with bigger screens.

And speaking of plenty, just check how many different netbooks GlobalSources is listing..

So yes, there is and will be netbooks/laptops with Atom and big screens.

M.D.Tech MDT-T130

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mtotho said...

man, it better be free or close to it.

Unknown said...

i think all devices over 10 inch display are not netbooks. i think this are notebooks. for me i dont see a big market for 12 and 13 inch displays

Anonymous said...

Last time:6 HRS

Sounds weird. The battery voltage would have to be around 30 volts. said...

this is not a netbook!!! too big of a screen. might as well get a basic dual core laptop...

Mads Tejlgaard said...

Well I think it's good to see because of the low power usage and cheap internals. Heck I could imagine getting one of these for when friends come by my office so they can have a nice little guest computer to do their stuff on.

Think about it, if you need a basic computer for guests, home automation and server functions, something like this is very nice. It doesn't perform, sure, but it gets the job done just fine.

I also just discussed setting up a home server with my dad, and I looked over a lot of options, including electricity price, and netbooks look very attractive if you don't have any demanding tasks envisioned.

The price of electricity is about 10$ for each consumed average watt if you use the average lifespan of a pc (which should be 3 years running if you put it somewhere dark and cold), so a 10watt samsung netbook will have 100$ on a 20watt eee nettop, for example. It's different if you can leech electricity of course but for a home computer, it's a very tangible amount of savings you can rack up from switching from a 200 watt stationary to a 10 or 20 watt netXXX.

Anonymous said...

No CD-drive? That's bad. Picture rises a doubt - screen is too big for a case IMHO.

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