Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Android working on REDFLY too

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"Proof-of-concept showing the Android operating system on a REDFLY Smartphone Terminal.

Speed and stability will increase as the concept is developed. The Android devices output resolution is changed to 800x480 then video output is routed to the REDFLYs 8-inch screen. REDFLY also allows the use of its built-in keyboard and touchpad to control the Android device.

The REDFLY Smartphone Terminal has no OS, CPU or storage. REDFLY does not require syncing of data back and forth to a phone as all data and settings remain on the phone itself. This proof-of-concept will be on display during CES 2009 at booth #3934. "


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Anonymous said...

oooh.... now THAT would be cool.

Especially if it had a convertible tablet form factor. And if Gmail and Google Reader were fully functional instead of mobile versions.

Anonymous said...

another couple of neat redfly products are a desktop "dock", add your own keyboard, mouse and screen and your phone becomes your desktop computer.

Anonymous said...

oops, i said couple but forgot about the second one, my bad. they seem to also plan to have software available, so that a existing desktop or laptop can become a redfly style terminal.

i wonder if they plan to fit that on a usb stick...

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