Saturday, January 10, 2009

Windows 7 beta download working again, netbook version coming

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Download Windows 7 beta.

Test it now while waiting "netbook edition" as CNET is reporting that:

" Microsoft has confirmed to CNET UK that it will be providing a version of Windows 7 specifically developed for netbooks and sub-notebook computers, as well as at least one version for consumers, and one for enterprise users. "

Confirmed: Windows 7 'netbook edition'

Netbook edition news via Blogeee [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

oh god, it's only in beta & already has 47 different versions.

will MS ever do anything to please their customers (1 version) instead of thier profit margins (tiered product releases)?

Saperalot said...

ooh netbookversion thats great news ;-) for now i try windows 7 to install on one of my asus 900, i will see if it works with that device, cause the specs of windows 7 says minimum 1 ghz cpu :-)

Anonymous said...

what's the purpose of the netbook version? I'm running ultimate on the NC10 and it's quite solid .... I'm not looking for less.

Anonymous said...

Not normally one to question the news however I read elsewhere []
today that this simply not true. This is also logical since ultimate is working fine on virtually all netbooks and this is the beta. Final code is always more efficient by a factor of 2 meaning from first beta - final release there will be an increase in speed by 2 so by release day ultimate should have no trouble whatsoever of running on a netbook, including the 701. If they release different SKU's it'll be one for business and 1 for home.
Great website JKK give the larger website a beating and a real run for their money :-) excellent commenting system (engadget arrrrrrrrgh)
ps keep us up to date on T91/T101H news as I would to buy one potentially once windows 7 comes out.

JKK said...

Thanks for the link and kind words... yep, t91 and T101 are fully on my radar.

About Windows 7 "netbook Edition" :

I might not be any different than some other SKU but just have different pricing and hw limitatios... just like MS is doing now.

Their XP Home on netbooks is 100% same as other XP Homes, but it is called "XP Home Edition ULCPC" and sold cheaply ( 10 to 30 dollars )to OEMs qualified to sell it with hw limits ( 1GB max ram etc )

MS is also selling Vista Home Edition ULCPC so why not Windows 7 ULCPC?

..and Vista ULCPC has never been "announced" either ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, cross your finger an await no limitations on Windows 7 Netbook. I expect some adaptations to Nets format.
Nobody want "7 Satrter"
Only 3 SKD? That´s gooood!!!

Anonymous said...

Windows 7 on SSD:

Available in capacities of 60, 120 and 240GB*, the unit MSRPs are $149, $249 and $499, respectively

anticipated sequential performance of 200MB/s read and 140MB/s write

Anonymous said...

I think if there's one thing we've learned after CES it must be that the concept of netbooks gets harder and harder to keep reined in. We get bigger and bigger devices still featuring netbook processors and with AMD's launch of their "not quite a netbook, not quite a laptop" class of devices the borders are getting blurred even more. Of course microsoft will fight to keep linux out of devices and to still keep sales of "real" laptops healthy, but I think consumers have already spoken and they're not going to continue accepting having their choices being limited by what MS deems Netbook enough.

I predict 2009 will be the year where we discuss ad nauseam what a netbook is and isn't :)

Anonymous said...

i seriously hope MS doesnt plan on selling "Windows 7: Netbook Version" at a reduced rate to cripple netbooks again with a lousy 1024 x 600.

if thats the case, i would rather netbook makers put the standard Windows 7 inside & just charge full price for the OS.

corporations cant restrict the will of the people, they always wind up losing (DRM music anyone?)

Anonymous said...

Ok jkk I though you were more meaning about that it would be a completely stripped down version rather than a name change and a few restrictions at a reduced price.

Anonymous said...

"Final code is always more efficient by a factor of 2 meaning from first beta"

I have never experienced this to be true. It's written efficiently to start, ot it isn't at all. Anyway, that all assumes Windows 7 is written completely from scratch, which it is not. It is full of code taken from Vista and earlier, and which isn't going to be any more efficient.

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