Monday, January 05, 2009

HP Mini 2140 netbook revealed, reviewed

Now with Atom cpu and high ress screen..

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10.1 inch 1024x576 / 1366 x768 screen
1.6-GHz Intel Atom N270
1GB RAM ( 2GB max )
160GB HDD / 80GB SSD
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0
Windows XP Home
2X USB, Ethernet, Headphone, Microphone, VGA out
ExpressCard slot
SD memory reader
Size 10.3 x 6.5 x 1.1 inches
Weight 3.0 pounds
3 and 6 cell battery options

Starting at $499

HP Mini 2140 at

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Anonymous said...

we have a new leader!

sventernet said...

Yesssss! Thank god, it´s a netbook! My high-resolution-dream has come true. Kisses for all the HP-Developers... (well, virtually). Bring it to germany as fast as you can.

Anonymous said...

now if you could put the mini 1000 keyboard in there and osx runs well (drivers) on it,you got yourself a mac netbook alota people would think it is real.sorry for that comment apple hating jkk

CJ said...

Wow this thing is awsome. thank god it came out today lol. i was just gonna buy the mini 1000

looking forward to the unboxing/review/etc

i wonder whats the read write speeds of the ssd.

Anonymous said...

Other CES News:
Freescale Chases $199 Netbook With New Processor

Anonymous said...

>1.6-GHz Intel Atom N270

Why not Z? Why not nVidia 9400M? This is so old.

JLM said...


JLM said...

How difficult is to change RAM or any mod?
JKK we EXPECT mods...

Anonymous said...

Change the 1366x768 display to matte, add affordable internal 3G and I'll buy it (with SSD and 6 cell battery). Bonus points if there's no fan inside.

Anonymous said...

lets hope that its battery life will not be its downfall

quangdx said...

the Via CPU was what was stopping me buying the original 2133.
But with the new Atom CPU and longer battery life.
This could very well be a winner.

Blink said...

Why do ppl think that Atom Z270 would be a better choice than N270?

It does consume less power, but it uses a GMA 500 which is like 10 years behind GMA 950 (used with Atom N270)

Anonymous said...


Do you think it would make since on this unit to swap the native plater HD for a Runcore SSD drive. SSD drive for better drop protection but even my question is even more pointed to enhanced performance of operational speed and any gained power consumption savings??? Please review at your next opportunity and do a video review (open the hood of the 2140) for us.

Sam said...

I agree, nVidia ION graphics would be great.

Did anyone ever produce a reasonable Express Card Graphics Card?

Sam said...

OS X would be fun on this but it's always been a pain getting all the drivers running.

And add a non glossy touch screen.

Anonymous said...

Jkk thank you for all the information,I don't have a netbook right now but i'm looking around.Love the Hp mini 1000 but just saw the 2140 sweet wait for your reveiw on it thanks..

Anonymous said...

Hey Jkk,
do tou think it would be possible to add a touch panel to this one. It seems to me it has more space than the mini 1000. It would be great.


Bibbles said...

Dude, Blink, are you serious? Do you really think the 950 is better than the 500?because if you do, you're flat wrong. The GMA 500 is new, the 950 is old, the 500 gas all kinds of hardware decoding, etc etc... Go look up the specs, find some bench marks, etc. The GMA 500 isn't as good as the ion is when it comes to performance, but it's very close, and the ion uses much less power, meaning cheabces are the 500 is re future as battery life > graphics in a machine like this.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear, the #500 had me blindly assuming it was inferior to what was in the 900/901/1000x...

Acer Laptop Computer said...

I just order my HP Mini from this Shop. I use my netbook mainly for a editorial work on the go and for mobile communication. Also I have Another brand new Asus 1000HA. and currently I'm in process to decide which one I like best and which one I I'm going to leave.

Anonymous said...

ok, something i don't get here. on the bottom of page 2 on the datasheet, it says that "Windows XP Home only supports up to 1024 MB memory". since when? can someone explain that to me?

also does anyone know if the mini 2140 uses a 1.8" or a 2.5" hard drive form factor? is it easy to replace the hard drive or do you have to do major surgery to get at the drive?

what about the RAM? is that easy to upgrade or does that also take major surgery?

JKK said...

New XP ULCPC license say that OEMs cam only use 1BGs of RAM... but you can upgrade yourself..

Both HDD ( 2.5 inches ) and RAM are pretty easy to upgrade by removing the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

thanks jkk. so it's a licensing issue and not a technical issue, correct?

do you have a video on replacing HDD and RAM for this netbook?

Anonymous said...

btw, who makes their 80GB SSD? their spec sheet ( shows 250 MB/s read and 70 MB/s write speeds. that sounds very fast. i was thinking of transplanting the intel x25-m SSD into this netbook.

their spec sheet doesn't say how many megapixels is the webcam. do you happen to know?

Anonymous said...

When will you be doing a video on this machine?

Anonymous said...

quote: "their spec sheet doesn't say how many megapixels is the webcam. do you happen to know?"

I think a VGA camera is an analog camera and gives you a 640 x 480 resolution whereas a 1.3 MP camera is a digital camera and gives you a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Anonymous said...

waiting for a response on whether touch screen is possible with this model

JKK said...

You can add touch panel to any device...

.. some models of 2140 have plastic cover over LCD which you would need to cut first.

Anonymous said...

cut the cover? ouch, a tutorial possible? =D

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