Thursday, January 08, 2009

Velocity NoteMagix M5 MID / UMPC to USA markets

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" Utilizing touch screen navigation and full wireless connectivity, the NoteMagix M5 is the ultimate hand held UMPC device. Compact and functional, the sub $500 M5 is the perfect innovative mobile solution. Features include:

4.8” touchscreen with stylus for simple and intuitive navigation

Full keyboard for quick and easy emailing and chatting. Large enough for composing word documents, collapsible for easy portability

Wifi, bluetooth, and 3G capabilities for easy connectivity to the web and other hardware

5+ hours of run time

NoteMagix M5 will be available at major retailers later this Spring. For more information, please visit "

NoteMagix M5 is Velocitys version of Compal/Aigo/Gigabyte MID but they are hoping to bring it out with XP Home!

Original design has the disadvantage of slitted 2 + 2GB SSD so XP will be tight fit... also 512MB RAM will limit it a bit... Hope they can do something about it. Battery life expectation seems to be a bit high too as i can only get 2.5 hours from the Aigo version with XP..

Via UMPCPortal

NoteMagix M5 press release

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Saperalot said...

"5+ hours of run time"

i dont think 5 hrs, may 3 hrs but not 5.

Anonymous said...

Can we finally see some xp drivers for these devices?! hope so ;) that's what's keeping me from buying one...

Davide-NYC said...

I've received word from Velocity Micro that they *WILL NOT* be carrying this product in the US.

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