Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tabletkiosk with 7 inch industrial UMPCs at CES

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" TabletKiosk’s eo TuffTab is undergoing a complete redesign: Intel Atom 1.6 ghz, 2gb ram, gps, dual hot-swappable batteries, pcmcia slot, GOBI. Shipping in May. "

" TabletKiosk’s redesigned i7300 7” ultra-mobile pc will feature a auto-sensing Wacom active digitzer and touch – the only 7” active digitizer on the market. In addition, it will now feature a Intel Atom 1.6 ghz processor and dual hot-swappable battery. With both batteries, TabletKiosk’s report a 9 hour battery life. digitizer The eo i7300 will ship in April "

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Anonymous said...

yes finally a 7" umpc with an active digitizer! although its ugly all i really care about is the digitizer and the battery life!

i was hoping for a samsung q1 with active digitizer and an atom but o well. i can live with this

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