Friday, January 09, 2009

Sony Vaio P in many pictures with scaled pdf

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Note the 8 hour double battery picture...

Grab the printout of the Sony Vaio P and print it to get one to one sample!

Details, News and Links for VAIO® P Series Lifestyle PC

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Anonymous said...

from the extremely limited angled look at the extended battery it doesnt look that bad.

but so far all the extended battery shots ive seen are from this angle, so something tells me Sony is trying to hide something.

Anonymous said...

On the picture with the green and the black, the black one has the 8hrs battery. Doesn´t look that bad, if the price isn´t to sonyish, i´ll buy one.

Anonymous said...

The extended battery is listed at $130 on SonyStyle, but if you pre-order it with a Sony P, it is 30% off right now.

GeoffreyM said...

That PDF printout is great. It really shows me how much bigger the keyboard is, especially in comparison to my U810 and SC3. While I can easily touch-type on both of those, the Sony's keyboard will feel huge and spacious to me.

Anonymous said...

but the Sony is a much bigger device, it's essentially the same size as most of the other netbooks out there just minus the touchpad/palmrest area (so its more narrow).

Mike Cane said...

So, it turns out MY VAIO P keyboard was 1/2" too long and 1/4" too wide! Thanks! But what, you didn't include the screen too so we can fold it?

I forgot, I also for the longest time carried around a cardboard mockup of the Gateway Handbook:

This VAIO P excites me in theory. I hope the reality is the same!

Thanks for the PDF!

Mike Cane said...

I figured out WHY the Sony VAIO P appeals to me. This isn't the exact model, but close enough:

I fondled that at trade show at the time and it was WONDERFUL. Compare the specs:

Phenom: 9.30" x 5.90" x 1.00" - 1.8 pounds
VAIO P: 9.65" x 4.72" x 0.78" - 1.4 pounds

And look at the price of the Phenom at that time: US$700!!! For crappy WinCE!!!

And people are ragging on the US$900 price of the VAIO P?! They don't know their history!

Man, I REALLy want to fondle the VAIO P now!!

Mike Cane said...

Ah, here we go. It was this model of the Phenom, the Ultra. The final one they produced. Man, it was a lusty fondle!!

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