Thursday, June 05, 2008

Albatron Rocker mini tablet with CE

Not a work horse but really thin and light..

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7 inch 800 x 480 touch screen
400Mhz ARM 9 with 128MB RAM / 128MB flash
Wifi and bluetooth
Desktop cradle
188.3mm x 113.2mm x 12.9 mm 343g
6 hour battery life
Windows CE

Thanks Aving

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Hugo said...

What would you use this for?
I kinda see that, i could do that with one of the smart phones now! Similar spec!

JKK said...

You would need tobe in Windows CE stuff to find it usefull..

.. for normal computing use it's not that great.

Anonymous said...

I find it sweet. Cool and silent as a HTC Advantage, but with a much bigger screen (Provided that you don´t need a computer horse, obviously).

Not that sure about the software, though: can you use a regular Windows browser with that embedded OS?


Mike Cane said...

But that's CE, not Windows Mobile.

Which means you only get what's in the unit itself.

As for that hardware, now that's what frikkin UMPCs *should* have been. Small, thin, light. Really, Samsung went overboard with stereo speakers, etc, etc. They missed the point.

JKK said...

Nope Mike, you can install any sw you want on it..

..just like on Windows Mobile.

SW needs to support CE and higher resolution thoug..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'm loving the size. I'm not so sure about the operating system though, Windows CE is actually pretty limited in the amount of available applications when compared to say, Windows Mobile. So, if they went with that OS, I'd be all over this.

I am a firm believer that WM would make for a very capable MID, which I would choose any day over Maemo. Several very good web browsera are coming out for this OS, plus it supports 800x480 resolutions. What's not to like?

Someone give me a 7" slate with windows mobile, hopefully before Apple gets to it.

Anonymous said...

Looks sweet. Not sure bout the os though. Am wondering if this was built for left-handers or something like that. Would be more friendly, if that large part on the right switch to the opposite side.


Anonymous said...

What about gps?

Anonymous said...

How come I didn't notice this one earlier...look at what I was wishing for back 6 months ago :)

"I am looking for a Win CE (since there isnt really any Win Mobile devices in this size) with something like a 7" to 9" screen and pref with color VGA and under 1" in thickness."

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking this might make a really nice ebook erader. For those who don't want e-ink that is, such as me. Depends on the price they are asking for it I guess. I have been looking for a light weight 5-7 inch screen with a long battery life for ebooks. Most umpcs and tablets are crazy prices running full blown operating systems that just eats the battery, I would be very happy with my Dell Axim for ebooks if it just had a bigger screen.

Anonymous said...

This is what I have been waiting for. I only need something lightweight with a decent screen, that I can use as a calendar, address book, take notes on and store photos... oh and of course needs a decent battery. I don't need a full pc to carry round constantly and the screens on the internet tablets are just that bit small for practical note taking. I just wish they would give an indication of price and release date.

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