Friday, June 06, 2008

Samsung to make MIDs too, but no UMPCs with Atom cpu

Jeongseon Euh, Principal R&D Engineer at Samsung, gives some details about their plans with Intel Atom..

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“My general manager reviewed industrial design for MID more than 15 different times. We haven’t got the final industrial design. But sooner or later we will have some devices. “

So while the MID will almost certainly employ Atom, can the same be said of Samsung’s Q1 UMPC?. Asked whether Atom could be seen as a better replacement for the Q1 Ultra’s Intel A110 chip, Euh replied. “No. When talking about performance we can talk about clockspeed or battery life. In terms of technology , the main chipset…UMPC part is a little bit higher [in terms of clockspeed]. In terms of power, the UMPC is very [efficient].”

Intel Atom too weak for UMPCs?

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Anonymous said...

I like Samsung's products so I'm excited to see what their MID would look like. The Q1 Ultra is my favorite UMPC and I hope to get one soon.

Robert Carnegie said...

No Atom, but now they've launched a souped-up Q1 with something called a "Core Solo" and/or "U1500" processor, 1.33 GHz, 2 gigabytes of RAM, claimed 7 HOURS battery life. I'm a fairly happy owner of the original Q1, but for some tasks - speech recognition in particular, or anything taking more than an hour - that one isn't stunning. This new machine is gonna be... heavier. But I think it's worth the weight!

Vista Business for a British user probably means not talking with an American accent any more - people look at you strangely.

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