Monday, June 30, 2008

Meet Eee PC 903, 900 with Atom?

Asus is trying a record for releasing new netbooks? 903 up now..

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Looks 100% like Eee PC 900 ... so whats new? Atom? SSD? 3G?

So specs are not yet clear... posting as soon as i get more..

UPDATE: It's now 900A. Specs here

Thanks Sascha [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they appear to be returning to the 900 style, and not the 901.

Anonymous said...

I've looked at these pictures of the 903 and also the more numerous ones over at and I don't see a place for the AC adapter to plug into. Also, it appears to me that some of the images appear to be altered instead of actual photos of a new version. What do you think JKK?

JKK said...

AC adapter plug is at the back of it.. just like on 900..

These pics are from Asus marketing channel so they are real.

Anonymous said...

Please oh please have a matte surface (not the trackpad; the lid and the palmrest). I don't want fingerprints all over my black laptop.

Anonymous said...

I think this is probably just an Eee 900 with 3G. No Atom, or better battery life.

Anonymous said...

these a-holes need to quit releasing new computers every two months.

what kind of garbage company is this?

two months ago I was one of the first customers to have a 900. less than a month later it was obsoleted by the 901. the 901 isn't even available yet and there is now a 903 that nobody know what to expect is on it.

asus, i was a fan when i bought my computer but you're clearly run by a bunch of pricks that don't know how to time the release of your products. you make apple look slow.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was intending to order a 901 now (they were avaliable in UK from yesterday). But I'm now going to wait to see what the 903's specs are and when it'll be available.

It was a similar situation with the 900 and 901 a few weeks ago. Asus, Asus, Asus... why are you repeatedly persuading me not to order one of your Eees?

Anonymous said...


with msi, hp and many more hot on trail, they are forced to upgrade, update fast. don't you think they want to milk out the best of products they have? this and the lack of intel Atom processor is how the 900 was born and 901 delayed.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is true
900 formfactor and design SO MUCH BETTER than lame and tacky 901.
plz rls the 900 with atom and if possible 3g, under whatever name.
the 901 design is very very bad. 900 was so much better!

Anonymous said...

Likewise I've been putting off getting a netbook because of these Asus upgrade releases (and for everyone else to get their versions out).

Asus seem to have adopted an "Agile" iterative release strategy (frequent upgrade releases) and this strategy may even prove to be the most profitable in the long run.

But this also makes them vulnerable to competitors identifying the real commercial winning formulae and getting there first (Dell, Gigabyte, ECS?)

I conceptually realy REALLY like the Eee, but I'll keep waiting (for the others) and hope Asus don't make too many wrong decisions (904?)

FYI - I'm taking a long term "buy once" attitude

Anonymous said...

i think the modek asus eee pc 903 is the right one for me.the design is more attractive than any other asus model

Anonymous said...

903 (900A ?) is the winnar. Asus should concentrate on this. we want small. listen to us!

Anonymous said...

i believed you tom, why asus not just concentrate on model 903 (900A) thats the best look of all asus models and if am asus design and production manager i still know a place where a dvd drive to put in too, theres a place enough behind the screen anyway, or? thats the real upgrade, thanks folks

Anonymous said...

... as long as the asus model 903(900A) will become an atom processor and the dvd drive with slot openning to be put behind the screen, that will be the high end upgrade, that will be a nice new feature of asus eee pc 903 (900A)upgrade,

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