Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Future of Windows XP

Microsoft has released the facts about the future of XP.

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First up: Support

" With the June 30, 2008, "end of sales" date for Windows XP approaching, many people have asked me if they will still be able to get support for Windows XP. The answer is an emphatic "yes, you will continue to be supported." We recently released Service Pack 3 for Windows XP and we will continue to provide security updates and other critical updates for Windows XP until April, 2014."

Second: Future availability of XP

If you want to have XP on new PC, and your OEM is too lazy to make "XP downgrade CD" for you;

" you should get a new PC with Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate, and then take advantage of downgrade rights to use Windows XP Professional for as long as is necessary."

" For customers interested in buying a low-end personal computer (often referred to as a "NetBook" or "NetTop"), we are making Windows XP Home and Windows XP Starter available for use on these budget systems."

" Additionally, System Builders (sometimes referred to as "local OEMs"), may continue to purchase Windows XP through Authorized Distributors through January 31, 2009. All OEMs, including major OEMs, have this option."

As you can see, there are ways to enjoy XP on UMPCs... ( we really need those as there are no ways to enjoy Vista on UMPC )

My 2 cents to all OEMs making UMPCs: Start shipping downgrade restore CDs!

An Update on the Windows Roadmap

Windows XP: The future

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Anonymous said...


how well is XP optimized for netbooks? I see some efforts on the linux side (moblin.org) where Intel and others are optimizing to the common Atom-platform. But what about Microsoft?
Any infos, articles there?

Anonymous said...

pirated xp will catch on i hope

Anonymous said...

I laughed my face off:
After this was announced my CEO decided the WHOLE organization had to be converted to Linux. He had bought an Asus EEE, and was looking for a touchscreen UMPC toy too.
The tipping point? We have 135 field staff, all using UMPCs, but we need WinXP Pro features (domain etc)
So, 1 week of LDAP study, a long weekend of installing Ubuntu on 120 desktops and RHEL on the servers and here we are. No retraining at all, staff are happy, boss is pleased as punch. Heck my pay is the same and I work 20hrs a week less (I'm IT manager/Infosec responsible person)
So - who needs pirated XP? haha

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