Friday, June 20, 2008

Asus Eee PC 1000H open, hints 901's HDD adapter

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It looks like this HDD adapter will fit to 901 too...

UPDATE: It's actually a 2.5 inch drive on 1000H.. and the connector if different... so it will not fit to 901.

Hmmm... SIM card slot pins there too..

Thanks Rayman, more at [ translated ]

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Toko said...

It's interesting to say the least, although I find that even with that, the EEE 901 is still over priced.

I engineer UMPC's and Netbooks on my off time, constructing everything that is needed and doing further prototyping, and none of my little experiments have cost near as much as the EEE 901, and have been nearly the same size, but with quite a bit more power.

I will say though, it's rather nice to see a possible hard drive option for the EEE, besides the cruddy 900 MHz processor (Which in truth, it plenty for the use it will provide, but there should of been a small upgrade between the 700 and 900 (Then again, I suppose it was clocked higher than the 700)), will open up a newer audience, because if it's possible to use a cheaper hard drive platform instead of solid state, you would be able to sell the product for a bit less.

Sadly though, that would cause battery loss, as well as Asus figuring out they can overcharge for the Eee platform and still get the same amount of buyers, hmmmmm.

I'm getting a MSI Wind to use as my primary netbook, I hate the way the EEE is built, and by that I mean the parts used. It could of been a lot higher grade, for less.

Of course, I'm not saying go atom, as you've stated in the past I believe, and with what I've experienced, Atom processors are really hot and cause the device to be hard to hold or use in your lap.

I'm curious, what are you views on the larger Wind compared to the smaller 7 inch and 8.9 inch netbooks out so far? (Sorry if you've already stated this, I haven't been able to pay close attention to your blog till the last month or so, but I've been reading since the beginning)

Anonymous said...

a bit of a newbie with eee, i am interested to read toko stating that atom runs hotter.

i have the eee 900 currently and find that runs fairly hot underneath, certainly a lot hotter than my dell x300.

i was thinking of getting the 901 with the atom, and am interested to know if jkk agrees that the 901 runs hotter than the 900?!

Anonymous said...

The place in the 901 fits perfect for a 1,8" drive with ZIF socket. I just checked it on my 901. I will try to connect a HDD soon to this IDE3 interface...

Anonymous said...

It works! :-)))
I just connected a ZIF drive to the IDE3 interface. It is shown as the primary one in BIOS!

JKK said...

yep, it works. zif ide cf adapter works too.

DB.RUN.DMC. said...

to chs, how much hdd space do you have now on your 901, and were any adpters use, and what kind of hdd did you use

JKK said...

I'm doing post and video of it but basic are:

You need 5mm high 1.8 inch ide drive with zif connector and cable

Or you could use ide to cf adapter ( again with zif ) to use cf cards as cheap sdd

DB.RUN.DMC. said...

to chs, what i should have said is what brand name and model# is you hdd

DB.RUN.DMC. said...

thanks jkk for infomation

Anonymous said...

Will this + CF card fit in the 901?
it would be quite nice to add a 16gb
and is this the same connector as for the standard SSD mounted in 901

JKK said...

nope, you need this one:

it connects to zif connector, but you need to take the 16/8gb SSD away.

I will do a video in few...

Anonymous said...

So in order to use ide3 i would have to remove ssd connected to ide2 or am have i misunderstood the placement of internal storage (on chip 4gb not soderd ) 8 or 16 on ide2 and potential for an upgrade unused ide3.

Anonymous said...

I tried with a Samsung 120GB HDD (does not fit in the eee - was only for testing) and a CF card with the adapter JKK already mentioned.
With this adapter you have to use the hitachi cable (not as thick as the Toshiba one) for the ZIF socket on the eee.
I am searching now for a Sandisk 32GB SSD :-)

Anonymous said...

I am curious.
Can't you use a 2.5" SATA I/II Solid State Disk Drive (SSD) to replace the HDD of the 1000h.
You can Pick 32GB Transcend )for $170 and it if the read are much faster and equal write speed as the Seagate momentus present in it then 2.5" SSD is better right? (If i want data reliability without losing speed)
Since 1000h uses a 2.5" hard disk drive it should fit in the cavity right? Will it replace then drive immedietly or does it need a bios update?

JKK said...

yep, it would work fine

Anonymous said...

Thanks JKK
Much appreciated
Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

About 1000H
What SATA does it fully support?
Should I buy HDD 3Gb/s-SATA that would costs little more than same capacity 1.5Gb/s-SATA ?

Is 3Gb/s fully supported and usable?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi good job to all. In orther to upgrade the eee 901, I understand I need the CF/ZIF converter ( and then, a 2,5" SSD from Transcend, IDE?
Thank you!

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