Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LG XNOTE B831 UMPC, available soon?

Aving talked with LG at WIS 2008...

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LG Electronics official said, "LG is scheduled to launch Intel's MID platform Mellow-based products in the second half of the overseas market,"

Check our hands-on while waiting it...

Sooner the better LG!

Thanks Aving [ translated ]

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RobMtl007 said...

Greetings JKK:

Finally LG UMPC shows up.

I've been waiting for so long.

When they state the LG will be available for over seas market, what do they mean, North America, Asia, Mars, Pluto?

JKK hope you are enjoying the Euro 2008, Forza Italia

Regards Robert

Mike Cane said...

Ach, I expect "You're frikkin kidding me!!!" pricing.

And Vista?! Vista?! Haven't they heard that people really want XP?

Anonymous said...

"the waiting time is the hardest time" :-)

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