Monday, June 30, 2008

Medion Akoya mini E1210 unboxed

Smell the fresh plastics!

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Anonymous said...

Portable? No

Anonymous said...

I guess you think normal laptops aren't portable either >_>...

Nice looking system. Hope they can keep up with the releases so we'll have more buying options.

Anonymous said...

For me, anything up to 1,5 Kg and 12 inch screen, with 3G. Is considerd portable.

So this (MSI Oem) is defenitly portable, just missing the 3G to make it really functionable.

Anonymous said...

I have fetched myself one from Hofer (Austrian Aldi).. and I love it. I can do everything I need it comes with a nice sreen and keyboard, I installed Open office on it, it starts the OO Writer in approx. 4 sec. Its fast in all applications even with the antivirus ect.

Negatives: the internal speakers a joke
battery life with the 3 cell battery full working with wlan on is about 2 hours, but you can get the 52 Ah battery and a car charger is available at medions onlineshop for those who need more.

my facit: nice product for fair price

Anonymous said...

......ooops i missed the koma 5,2 Ah battery of course. sorry for the mistake

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