Monday, June 23, 2008

Kohjinsha SX Series: 8.9 inch convertible with DVD drive

This one packs it all into a very small form...

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8.9 inch 1280 * 768 touch screen
Intel ® Atom ™ processor Z520 (1.33GHz) with 1GB RAM
Super Multi-DVD drive
Wifi and Ethernet
Dual cams
ExpressCard/34 slot
Micro-SD, SD/MMC and Memory Stick
USB2.0 x 2
VGA out

4.2 hours battery life with standard battery
8.2 hours battery life with extended battery
225mm * 185mm * 22/33mm, 1250g


650 to 800 euros in Japan.. Not bad.

UPDATE: is taking pre-orders, shipping end of July

KOHJINSHA SX3KP06MA (Black) with Vista Ultimate $1199
KOHJINSHA SX3WP06MA (White) with Vista Ultimate $1199

They are shipping worldwide with no shipping cost..

UPDATE: PC Watch has some live pix [ translated ]

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Unknown said...

Do they plan on releasing this in north America (Canada more precisely)

Unknown said...

hello Adrian,
I try like you to find in USA, but without success. But you can import from direct from japan (i ordered my old SR model from this shop).

You can find the product here: www.

I will probably sale my SR for try this one.

Anonymous said...

Has it used the VIa openbook design?

Pctrelos said...

That is surely the best of all, don't mind for the price, you get almost everything, that is a pc,laptop,umpc killer for sure! SSD missing but it's ok!

Unknown said...

Has anyone seen any reviews for this beast?

Anonymous said...

you can order it at Conics

Anonymous said...

Direct from Japan offer free shipping. And if you calculate all, Conics will be more expensive. Also, DFJ have office in europe in case of warranty.

Anonymous said...

will this work in the US?

Anonymous said...

I'm using mine right now in Detroit

Anonymous said...

hey detroit, did you get 2g ram? i got 1g and it's a little sluggish. waiting on a 2g stick from newegg. also i may try to install xo tablet.

what are your thoughts so far

Anonymous said...

Well I ordered a Kohjinsha SX3KP06MA UMPC tablet from
My Bank sent them the money on the 18th and they are still claiming not to have recieved the cash.
I got my bank to contact the bank in Japan who confirmed that they have recieved the money on the 19th.
However between the 20th and now I have recieved at least 5 emails from them claiming not to have recieved the money yet.
My advice is stay away from these scumbags.
Most of the people who post claiming to recieve stuff from them are in fact the same guy, goes by the name archer loic.

Anonymous said...

Direct from japan have a very good reputation since long time. For sure, bank transfert can sometime take somes days, but you can be sure than direct from japan will never stole your money (And i personnaly ordered, like many other people from this shop in past). did you see Direct from japan feedback on ebay ? more than 3700 positive and great feedback from unique transaction.

Anonymous said...

EDIT**-They now acknowledge reciept of funds and say they will ship my tablet ASAP.
Apparently the bank transfer didnt have my details attached.
To be fair they have been fast with responding to my emails and have done so regularly so I will give them the benifit of the doubt and time will tell.
I have updated the thread on my forum to reflect the new cooperation I have recieved and will post a review of the sx3 when I get it.

Anonymous said...

Does it support handwriting with Microsoft OneNote?

Anonymous said...

made the error I have not buy a Kohjinsha SR8
AT Direct from Japan on a beautiful showcase site, but when you receive the package, there is no invoice, no address after sales service and an 8 hour battery and yet never received payment.
he answered my mail u in this sale of SR8 for 1199USD including shipping
you pay a fee of 200 euros that dedaounement this gentleman you hide more and I ve got a white screened with this pc and etiquette that come off on the PC with scratches on the hull I doubt that this PC is a new one. another exuse which allows me Doner last three months I asked myself baterrie repay the $ 199 he said
I am sincerely sorry for the late response, again my apologies!
(I am a new dad, and I was unavailable for a few days)
hello after sale service so for me it is only in its showcase not employ drip koi.
and since silent as ue carp is a board absolutely avoid this Seller I inform the Kohjinsha site of poor representation that this gentleman Direct from Japan made their mark in france ah I forget if you send the letter which is of some absete words, it is understood das delivery of the pc it works ka she wants.
Direct from Japan not serious, not honest and lying on the quality of the product, the invoice and warranty.
So far I have my pc which has a screened blac from time to time and affects the function n ka she wants and I know not even to go to repair it is seen that in nine Garate three months Allor reflechisser bie d buy avat especially expensive.
a beautiful showcase Internet does not mean a serious absolute
Direct from Japan no serious

Anonymous said...

Archer loic, this gentleman who sold us the UMPC without 8 hour battery but forgetting not collect the money a thief does not have equipment not loic archer website Direct from Japan DFJ or not serious to avoid a date I have 120 euro plus 30 euro cash charge battery but not therefore deliver scam and unfortunately you can not do anything because the distance from your country to Japan, to a part of the pub on the forums on or berserk and there have very represent, for me that is the only way of revenge. a good entendeur

Direct from Japan not offer free delivery lie I have to buy a home UMPC I got 200 euro fee clearance then called the truth as it is OK

Anonymous said...

"incredible complete !!!"

Anonymous said...

in corea the name of the umpc is W130PB



abdulla said...

how can i but this? can any 1 tell me about this

Anonymous said...

s the KJS SX compatable with the linux S and does all the drivers work?
appreciate any info

thanks eyan

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