Thursday, June 26, 2008

MSI Wind hits FCC

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Anonymous said...

Looks like MSI WIND is approaching!

We, as a company, plan to equip a school with a handful of netbooks. We are currently considering the MSI WIND, EEE 901 and eventually the Acer One.
So I have two questions, you may help me with:

1.) Which netbook has the most durable chassis in terms of build quality. I am not talking about SSD vs. HD oder niceness or form-factor, just which netbook doens't wiggle, eeks and squeezes?
2.) Which netbook has the best screen? Not in terms of size (we are talking kids here and 9" is smaller than 10" - we know, we know) but in terms of max brightness (sitting outside with the kids?), color reproduction - simply which one - regardless of size - made you happiest?

Very subjective questions to you as the netbook-expert.

All the other information I was able to get from you articles - thanks again!

Best regards


JKK said...

1. they are all about the same.. Aser maybe a bit better quality.

2. 901 seems to have better viewing angles than MSI.. but they are all very close.

Eee 900 brightness can be cranked to very bright for outside use with 3rd party software, so i belive it will be available for 901 too.

900 makes me happiest as it's lightest and smallest.

If you need more info or you want to talk on the phone, drop me a line:

My contact form

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to make a good photo from the removed bluetooth module? I know I ask for much, but the Medion Akoya Mini that will be sold at the 3. July in Germany doesn't have a bluetooth module. The photo could help to identify the module and make it possibly to find a replacement.

Anonymous said...

Hey JKK, how "hackable" you would say MSI Wind is, comparing to the Eee 901?

JKK said...

anon, check page 9 ( says 6 on it ) at user manual I linked for the bluetooth module..

Jet, Wind doesnt have much room for hacks... 901 would be far better for that..

also it helps to have big community...

Anonymous said...

jkk, any new eee 900 hacks coming up? It seems like it has been a while...

Anonymous said...

What does all this mean? Is MSI approved for sale yet, or do we need to wait a month for FCC to approve it? Was the battery issue an excuse for the delay for FCC submission?

Anonymous said...

bt module

Anonymous said...

Hello JKK,
for weeks now, I cannot decide between the 901 and the MSI Wind, I was an Asus fanboy for long, but my key issue is the small keyboard. I tried to write on the 701 (and I guess keyboard ist the same on the 901, is it?) - but made too much typo errors.

I was hoping the MSI Wind was better in that respect, but I wanted the netbook small nd light, so tough to decide. Any suggestions on that?

Toko said...

The Wind looks great, but it's really making mad that I still can't buy one.

I've been waiting for nearly a month now (short a week or 2), and it's still unavailable everywhere for the US.

Quite aggravating.

Anyone have any idea when it will actually be available for US people without any importing?

I was hoping to get one off Amazon, but I guess I won't be able to.

Anonymous said...

That no one has actually confirmed the July 7th ship date is really bothering me. I was one of the lucky (I think) to get my order in to Amazon before they pulled the ordering, switching to email notification only. So hopefully I will get one of the first to be shipped. I won't wait another month if we have to wait for the FCC. I'll cancel my order. There's an FTA receiver I would like to buy.

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