Thursday, June 12, 2008

Asus Eee PC 901 available in UK on 1st of July

It's coming faster than expected...

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Pricing is set to £319 for both Linux and XP models..

So if you have been waiting for new Atom based Eee for good battery life, this could be the one for you ( actually Atom is not the feature delivering the battery life, it just has bigger battery )

Thanks Sascha

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Anonymous said...

That's cheaper then I paid for my 900. Still think the Acer specced out to that price will be the better option.

Anonymous said...

two questions from a fairly ignorant guy who wants to buy the 901:

im spending a bit of time in hongkong at the end of july, how much of a saving do you think i would make if i brought one then instead?

i want windows but would also like the larger storage. i have acces to XP here for free, how much effort is it to install and get everything going on the linux just as it is on the windows version?

an answer to either of those would be much appreciated

JKK said...

You might save some if you don't get stuck at customs..

Installing xp to it is as easy as any xp install if you have external usb cd drive.. all drivers for xp are on the asus cd..

Anonymous said...

jkk, when will you put up your review of the 901 on youtube?

looking forward to it.

Unknown said...

hey didnt someone post in an earlier blog saying that the only way the 901 battery life claims would only make sense is if they had a bigger battery as standard, in spite of the atom hype??
I wonder who that was?

Anonymous said...

when is it out in london jkk??????????????

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