Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gigabyte M528 to be available next month

Finally MIDs are getting ready to ship...

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Gigabyte M528 will be the first Atom based MID to ship and on specs wise, it's looking good;

4.8 inch touch screen, slide out keyboard, SSD and 3G HSDPA..

It's pricing has got mixed feelings, as it's looking to be $750.. which is 50% more than Intel has been telling us.

But if you compare it to other small mobile computers with 3g, it's actually a really good start.

I will be taking it my testing rounds as soon as possible, so keep your eye on this small but capable computer.

Thanks Steve for digging the official info up

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Unknown said...

So, jkk what do you think?
What will be your first mod? :-)
Bigger SSD, WinXP?


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