Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gigabyte M912 to have Vista option

This might be good news for handwriting fans..

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"This is the first Atom-based ultra-portable we see that runs Vista, and it appear to be running smoother than expected, though impact on battery life is yet to be determined."

Chinese Engadget [ translated ]

Details, News and Links for Gigabyte M912

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Anonymous said...

WoW! That's cool because I like the handwriting recognition in Vista.

Anonymous said...

I just read on an asian site that Memory: maximum capacity is 1 GB

:( that is disapointing

Anonymous said...

Man this is the hit thingy!! Touch screen?! Lightweighted?! ATOM cpu?!
I saw the machine at computex 2008 in tapei yesterday
tested the machine was awsome but won;t release til mid july however the retail price was shocking its going to be around 17000-19000 NT(currency rate 1USD = 30.3x NTD) which is a really decent price comparing to other tablet pcs…
PS: It works with both MS.XPs or Linux OSs

It would make it perfect if it could also have a build in GPS receiver

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